Bahrain’s DANAT achieves gender equality in workforce


The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones, DANAT, has announced that they have achieved gender equality, with more than 53% of the entire workforce comprised of women.
DANAT Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, said: “I am very pleased that DANAT has bridged the gender gap. The diversity of the talented DANAT team is our greatest asset as it brings more perspectives to the table and ensures creative problem solving. Therefore, empowering women to succeed is also empowering businesses to succeed by utilizing the full spectrum of the teams’ creative talents.”

Many high achieving women work at the DANAT Institute. Dr. Reem Almealla, a Marine Biologist by profession, is DANAT’s Research Manager, who holds a PhD in Marine Biology and specialises in coral reef ecology. She has worked on marine projects in Bahrain, Indonesia, Seychelles, South Africa and Madagascar.

DANAT is also proud to have a number of graduates from Bahrain University as Laboratory Gemmologists.

Zainab Ali, Fatema Al Makhlooq, Latifa Flamarzi, Fatema Al Mahmood, Zainab Rajab, and Fatima Al Bedal, just to name a few who began their career at DANAT when the laboratory was established four years ago and have since undertaken numerous specialized courses from De Beers Institute of Diamonds and HRD Antwerp and graduated with a Diploma from the Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain).

Dheya Al Shakar, DANAT’s HR & Admin Manager, also brings valuable experience from both the public and the private sector to the Institute.

Women work in many roles in the DANAT team, including in the fields of Science, Education, Marketing, Operations, Projects and Client Services.
DANAT considers its team the source of its success and as such invests in attracting and retaining the kingdom’s best talent through the training and development of all of its members. It implements a comprehensive learning, development and succession planning program that remains on par with its strategic goals.
Mrs. Jamsheer added: “We are so proud of the value every member of our diverse team brings to DANAT and on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that continue to make progress towards closing the gender gap.

“In line with DANAT’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the Fifth of which concerns gender equality, DANAT continues to encourage a gender equal and meritocratic workplace, because gender equality is not only a human right, it also results in better organizational decision making and a stronger more cohesive corporate culture.

“We look forward to providing all of our employees with equal opportunities so that they may reach their full potential in DANAT and in the local, regional and global industry.”

DANAT Workforce