Bailey of Sheffield racks up growing export sales


Bailey of Sheffield racks up growing export sales

November 2018 – Bailey of Sheffield, which creates stainless steel bracelets that blend innovative craftsmanship and design flair, has achieved exceptional export sales, reporting its first buyer from Tunisia this month, its 30th export destination.

Based in the listed Portland Works, where Harry Brearley’s invention of stainless steel was first manufactured into Rusnorstain cutlery, Bailey of Sheffield combines the innovative spirit of an ambitious, outwardly looking new business with a deep respect for Sheffield’s industrial heritage.

The CABLE™ Bracelet is the launch product — a customisable stainless steel 316L bracelet available in a range of PVD colours and finishes.
Bailey of Sheffield racks up growing export sales

“Since our launch in April 2016, we have been fortunate to have success right from inception, with customers from Australia, USA, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong and Austria all purchasing in our first campaign,” Adele Bailey said.

“This month we had a first purchaser from Tunisia, the 30th country we have exported to.”

The United States has been the biggest export market for Bailey of Sheffield, with Australia and Canada just behind in terms of sales. Dubai is quickly becoming a good market too.

For the United States and other English speaking countries, the original Stainless Steel CABLE™ Bracelets and the Fully Loaded Spectrum bracelets are both big sellers, similar to the UK market.
Bailey of Sheffield racks up growing export sales

“For the Middle East and Europe we have noticed that our Matte Gold and Rose Gold bracelets and beads are often chosen,” Adele said.

Facebook has been an effective part of the company’s marketing campaigns for export business.

“We introduced a Facebook Community site to our Bailey of Sheffield page (Friends of Bailey of Sheffield) whereby our customers post their pictures of their bracelets, how they wear them and in destinations all over the world,” Adele said.

“It’s wonderful to see new pictures uploaded daily from all over the world and undoubtedly those posts entice new customers worldwide too.”

The meticulously crafted bracelets, in a range of attractive colours, showcase stainless steel beads representing a variety of themes and emotions, from industrial processes to the heart.

”It is very much up to the customer to decide how they want to configure and design their own bracelet,” Adele said, speaking at the workshop inside the Portland Works in the Highfield district of Sheffield, a few hundred metres from Sheffield United’s football ground.

Bailey of Sheffield is proud of its roots in Sheffield, home of stainless steel, and is collaborating with local higher educational institutions and research centres to develop the bracelets’ technology.
Bailey of Sheffield racks up growing export sales

“Sheffield University helped us with the initial destruction testing of the bracelet and clasp components, and helped us prove they can all withstand 50 tonnes of weight — the equivalent of around 30 cars – as well as extreme temperatures of around 1,150C heat and as low as -195.8C,” Adele said.

“We are now just beginning a collaboration with the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), which will see some very exciting product development around 3D printing and innovative materials.”

Sheffield Hallam University assisted Bailey of Sheffield with the clasp design.
Bailey of Sheffield racks up growing export sales