Birmingham Assay Office to screen for laboratory grown diamonds as part of their jewellery valuation service


In a bid to support retailers and the ever-changing needs of consumers, SafeGuard Valuations, part of the Birmingham Assay Office, will automatically screen all jewellery items or watches set with diamonds to determine whether they are natural or potentially laboratory grown.  This will be offered as a standard part of their jewellery valuation service.

This new addition to their service has come to fruition since the rise of laboratory grown diamonds entering the diamond supply chain and following requests from many of their customers to help support the trade.

Carla Goodfellow said: “Laboratory grown diamonds are identical; chemically, physically and optically to natural diamonds. Only by using specialist screening equipment can the distinct differentiating indicators be seen between those diamonds grown in a laboratory and those formed billions of years ago in the earth.

Since the pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in consumers buying fine jewellery via the internet.  Automatically screening diamonds as part of our valuation service will give consumers peace of mind that what they’ve purchased is what they have paid for and will also provide further assurance to insurance companies when settling claims.”

BAO  L_R_Fanny Raponi and Carla Goodfellow

The new service will commence on 31st August and will be available to consumers via High Street retailers up and down the UK or direct from SafeGuard.

To find out more contact [email protected] or call 0121 236 2122.