Bjorn Diamonds to present wide selection of salt and pepper diamonds at GJX in Tucson


Bjorn Diamonds will present a large choice of salt and pepper diamonds at the GJX show in Tucson, booth number 236, running from February 1-6, 2022, and at INHORGENTA MUNICH taking place from April 8-11, 2022.

CEO Bjorn Halpern discusses with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough the appeal of salt and pepper diamonds to jewellery manufacturers and designers.   

What types of buyers would be interested in acquiring salt and pepper diamonds?
Although they may be cheaper than traditional white diamonds, that is no reason to choose salt and pepper diamonds. Once considered undesirable, rough and inferior, salt and pepper diamond jewellery has now become highly sought-after and fashionable amongst those looking for something truly unique, mysterious and veering on the avant-garde.

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The key point is their uniqueness and so the interest in salt and pepper diamonds comes from jewellery designers, high end fashion jewellery designers, as well as some of the leading manufacturers and brands.

Why are salt and pepper diamonds growing in popularity?

If you look around in many areas of fashion and design, everything is going back to looking like the early 1900s. I think the reason is that people like the genuine and natural feel for what they are wearing and the same applies to jewellery made of salt and pepper diamonds.

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The person wearing salt and pepper diamonds is also wearing white diamonds: salt and pepper diamonds can come across as more natural and less perfect than the traditional image of white diamonds – and they offer great value!

With salt and pepper diamonds, so-called because of their mottled white and black patternation, the inclusions can be large, dark and smoky, creating their distinctive characteristics and individualism. No two salt and pepper diamonds ever look the same at any distance, their personalities defined by the unique graining and crystallisation of each stone.

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What are your priorities as a supplier of salt and pepper diamonds?

At Bjorn, we have “perfected” imperfection by supplying only the very best, most expressive, diverse and intense stones available anywhere. We are recognised leaders in our field and supply to jewellery designers, manufacturers and brands around the world.

Most of them have come to us because their customers are seeking an alternative to tradition or conformity, that celebrates beauty.

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