BLOG – Fashion jewellery merges with fashion, accessories in buying strategies


By David Brough

MILAN – Fashion jewellery is becoming more closely integrated to fashion and accessories, with “fast fashion” buyers often taking a holistic approach.

Emanuele Guido, Exhibition Director of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, taking place at Rho, Fiera Milano, Italy, from September 16-19, 2022, said a new generation of retail buyers had emerged since the lockdowns, adopting fresh purchasing strategies.

This can involve consolidating purchases across fashion jewellery, fashion and accessories, for example adopting responsible sourcing across all of the segments to meet more stringent standards set by consumers.

MILAN - Fashion jewellery

Buyers for “fast fashion” groups are adopting more synchronised strategies across their purchasing of fashion jewellery, fashion and accessories.

Guido highlighted an Italian initiative, “Equo Garantito”, which ensures responsible practices and respect for the environment in a gathering of suppliers across fashion jewellery, fashion and accessories.

Equo Garantito

Visitor turnout was buoyant at the September edition of the fair, with buyers attracted to a variety of creative designs applying materials such as silver, resin, leather, amber and responsibly sourced gemstones, sometimes in unusual combinations, amid efforts to reduce the carbon footprint where possible. Exhibitors also presented new technologies applicable to fashion jewellery, fashion and accessories.



Organisers spoke privately about concerns over rising inflation, notably energy costs, in Europe and how this may impact upon consumers’ purchasing power in the run-up to Christmas.