Profile-Syreeta Tranfield brings marketing vision to IJL


Morellato’s BUNCH Collection: contemporary luxury in gold and natural stones

May 8, 2009 – Morellato celebrates its gold and natural stone jewellery lines
unveiling a Limited Edition product within its BUNCH collection.
A yellow gold necklace embellished with five citrine stones, a tourmaline stone and a pearl becomes the jewel par excellence for next season.
Available in just 100 pieces and on sale exclusively in Morellato single-brand stores, it is a jewel that interprets new contemporary luxury: rare and sophisticated, it enhances the charm and elegance of its wearer.
“It is a ‘young style’ jewel with precious and natural materials,” says Massimo Carraro, CEO of Morellato & Sector.
Profile-Syreeta Tranfield brings marketing vision to IJL
“With its elegant and precious design, it is for a woman who wants to be young, to be elegant, and to have  something that is innovative – and good value.”
The remaining jewels of the Bunch collection are also distinguished by a refined style and decidedly spring colours: 375 yellow or white gold pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings embellished with citrine stones, tourmaline stones and pearls.
The virtues and the elegance of gold merge with the power of natural stones, giving life to a special alchemy.
The ensemble of colours, the golden yellow of the citrine stones, the redness of the tourmaline stone and the purity of the pearls transmit the varieties of emotions.
Bunch is a collection which imprisons the light and preciously reflects it through gems which distinguish its strong and  markedly feminine charisma.
Natural stones with gold make these jewels a tribute to the charm and emotions connected with Haute Joiellerie, interpreted according to the contemporary values of Morellato.