INTERVIEW – Blogger Preeta Agarwal to outline how to strengthen your business under lockdown


Award-winning India-based influencer and journalist Preeta Agarwal, who has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and 14 years’ experience in the jewellery industry, will give a free webinar on Jewellery Outlook at 11 am UK time on Thursday, April 2, entitled “LOCKED IN BUT NOT KNOCKED OUT”, in which she will outline her thoughts on how to revitalize jewellery businesses during the lockdown. Preeta, who won the inaugural “Leading Lights” Blogger of the Year award at International Jewellery London (IJL) in 2019, gives a few insights to Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

To view the free webinar by Preeta Agarwal, entitled “LOCKED IN BUT NOT KNOCKED OUT” please click on the following link:

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Preeta, what will be the main focus of your webinar?

The topic of my webinar is “LOCKED IN BUT NOT KNOCKED OUT’. The main focus of this session is to suggest some easy-to-practice ways to strengthen jewellery businesses from the core, while the world is under COVID-19 lockdown and everyone is at home.

I will be sharing 12 ideas with a variety of examples, after which I shall be answering a few questions from the audience.

How do you feel the global jewellery industry will change as a result of coronavirus?

This unprecedented situation is surely going to leave lifelong imprints on our industry.

While the negative changes could be an economic crisis and layoffs, the positive side could include impulse shopping for a “feel good” factor and a sudden boom in virtual shopping.

Looking at a more “micro” level, for a few months, retailers may be scared of traveling to international shows and may look instead to restock in their own country.

Another possibility could be an increase in demand for gemstones, as many designers and brands are now utilizing their time at home to design.

Going forward, jewellery demand will be on two extreme ends of the scale — affordable luxury on the one hand that is easy on the pocket and can be bought to wear and flaunt; and on the other hand, because of the slide in stock markets, some customers may decide to invest in high jewellery.

What contributions are you making as an influencer to help jewellery businesses to survive and thrive beyond this crisis?

My first contribution was my latest blog post suggesting ways to use your time wisely under lockdown and to come out of it with better business plans and strategies to fight the post- lockdown mayhem.

Going ahead, I am also looking at doing various webinars, one-on-one consultations for brands/ jewellers/ designers/ students who are worried/ confused and need guidance in these trying times.

I usually help a lot of brands to hire and help in the placing of students.

Post lockdown, I am planning to ramp up these efforts, so that in case anyone has lost their jobs, they can find a new one faster.

At the same time, I will continue to share beautiful jewellery images on my social media pages to keep a sense of normality!

How has the profile and messaging of jewellery on Instagram changed since the coronavirus outbreak?

Having so much extra time on our hands, most of us are more engaged in digital platforms, especially Instagram. Jewellers have become very creative.

One can see a sudden increase in brand collaborations on Instagram and doing live sessions/webinars together.

Some are sharing innovative ideas on styling, makeup, etc. and others are just spreading good vibes with spiritual, music or game sessions.

Along with all the #StaySafe and #WorkFromHome messages, one can see a lot more sustainable, eco-friendly jewellery and materials.

Jewellers are doing a lot of throwbacks in order not to let the buzz die down.

At the same time, some jewellers are still posting beautiful imagery as normal to let their clients know that they are okay and to make them feel that everything is going to be fine.