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Vicenza Fair realises it must improve communications

VICENZA, Italy, January 16, 2011 – The Vicenza Fair understands that it needs to do a better job of communicating to the world why so-called “Made in Italy” jewellery is special.
VicenzaOro First 2011
The fair cannot take for granted that consumers will recognise the supreme craftsmanship of “Made in Italy” jewels.
The Fair’s website looks old-fashioned and does not link actively to major social networking sites. Press announcements by the fair need to be cleaner, simpler and more frequent so that the trade is fully aware of all the hard work being done by the Vicenza Fair to promote the best and latest designs from Italy.
Roberto Ditri, President of the Vicenza fair, joked to journalists that he tossed and turned in bed after Mehul Choksi, Chairman of Indian retailer Gitanjali, said in a panel discussion at the January 15 opening ceremony of VicenzaOro First that “Made in Italy” jewellers need to establish a clear identity.
“You (in Italy) have innovation of designs. You are years ahead in designing. Where the Italian sector is losing out is in communicating with the world,” Choksi said.
Corrado Facco, the fair’s managing director, said the Vicenza fair would embrace the Internet to improve connectivity with the global trade, and that he fully understood the importance of using “new media.