Blue Sapphire is the New In-Trend for Millennials


Ancient cultures have used gemstones to heal, hypnotize, and win their battles. Blue sapphire is a treasure trove of metaphysical powers and healing properties.

As a symbol of loyalty, courage and hope, it has adorned the royal coffers. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is one of the most fascinating examples of a blue sapphire set in a band of white diamonds.

Blue sapphires, notably velvety Kashmir sapphires, have achieved exceptional prices at auctions in recent years, reflecting a growing demand for rare and exquisite gems.

With stores like catering to global markets, the gemstone industry is expanding and blue sapphire is at the forefront. Here’s why:

A Shift in Attitudes

Young generations have a fresh perspective on marriage and look for uniqueness to seal their vows. A symbol of love and commitment, a blue sapphire stone will capture their attention.

Sapphires are known to be stones of attachment and fidelity. Wearing a sapphire in an engagement ring can symbolise strengthening the relationship and creating a lasting bond. Young couples choose sapphire rings for their sentimental values while remaining off the beaten path. A blue sapphire is trendy but never too distant from deep-rooted cultural values.

Blue Sapphire Rings

Blue Represents Love and New Beginnings

Colours are a wonderful way to personalise your engagement and wedding rings. And if the colour represents new beginnings, love, companionship and trust, you can’t ask for more. Hence blue sapphire engagement rings make a perfect offering. They reflect the colour energies of the vast sky and endless oceans.

The stone helps in reconciling differences and in embracing your partner’s perspectives with an open heart. Since these emotions are essential for a healthy relationship, blue sapphire gemstone is a wonderful choice.

Stores are inundated with demand for vibrant blue sapphires from Sri Lanka. These stones dominate the market and are followed closely by their pink sibling.

Artistic Influences

Another factor driving the sales of blue sapphire engagement rings for Millennials is the availability of unique, artistic designs. Weddings are all about exuberance, joy, and lots of flowers. So modern brides prefer taking this trend to their jewels as well.

Floral designs in wedding jewellery are a key trend. The settings of sapphire with diamonds around the band in a floral pattern can be your perfect ring. You may also like the art deco influences in your ring. Both look stunning and unique.

If you can’t find the design that really appeals to you, you can personalise your ring by working with a store like where you can design the ring in any setting and metal you like.

Blue Sapphire Pendants

Focus On Solid Shapes

When it comes to the stone itself, young brides don’t intend to deviate from tradition. Hence, cabochon or round cut blue sapphire gemstone is still their top choice for an engagement ring. The simple claw setting in white gold, platinum or sterling silver is perfect for all occasions.

Preference for Birthstones

Due to the revival of birthstone engagement rings in the past couple of years, blue sapphires have surged in popularity and sales. Birthstones have brilliant looks, express sentimental values and immense metaphysical properties. The trio of benefits attract brides looking to add more meaning to their ceremony.

Blue sapphire is the September birthstone, so if your fiancé is born in this month, you can pick the stone without a second thought. Some birthstones are delicate and allow only small accent settings to reduce chipping and cracking risks. Blue sapphire engagement rings have no such issue.

The absolute hardness of this stone on Moh’s scale is 9, making it one of the hardest gems. A major reason for the diamond’s popularity in recent decades was its hardness and durability, earning it the adage “Diamonds are forever”. When blue sapphire stones spread across the jewellery world, buyers got one more option that was close, if not exactly same as, diamonds in terms of durability.

Prices Also Matter

The median payment for an engagement ring in the US averages around $2,000. With cultural shifts and more couples living together and planning a future, diamonds have lost some impact due to high prices. Sometimes couples would rather spend their cash on a mortgage or new furniture than on big diamonds.

With blue sapphire engagement rings, you will get a bigger stone at a more modest price if you shop wisely. At a similar price to a .75 carat diamond, you can buy a 6 mm sapphire ring. The blue sapphire stone price can range from $40 to $4,000, depending on the carat, clarity, and color of the stone.

The rebirth and growth of coloured gemstones like blue sapphires show that the trend is here to stay. As the world stays connected to the primitive metaphysical and spiritual influences of these fascinating gems, there’s no harm in buying a gorgeous blue sapphire engagement ring instead of diamonds to seal your vows.