Italian brand ‘Vendorafa’ offers luxury and style


Italian brand ‘Vendorafa’ offers luxury and style

October 2011 – An exciting new addition to the British luxury jewellery market is the long-established Italian brand Vendorafa. This has recently been introduced into the UK and Ireland by ‘Advalorem’ – a new company within the Weston Beamor Creative Jewellery Group – which has the exclusive distribution rights.
This stylish, luxury brand in rich, 18ct yellow gold and diamonds is designed to appeal to sophisticated women of all ages and is already causing a stir in British fashion circles, featuring recently as a hot buy in the Financial Times’ iconic  ‘How to Spend It’ supplement.

The Petali Due collection by Vendorafa is proving a firm favourite with British consumers. The collection includes a ring (£2,000) earrings (£3,050) a bracelet (£10,500) and a necklace (£19,630) all featuring accent diamonds and the company’s signature, hand-hammered finish.
The Flora Collection from Vendorafa offers  exciting and flamboyant three dimensional designs that would definitely be a talking point at any dinner party.  Pieces include a ring (£2,600, earrings (£3,700) and a pendant (£4,670).
Vendorafa has a perfect pedigree. It is a small, dynamic, family firm in the best Italian tradition (think Ferragamo, Missoni or Prada), run by husband and wife team Daniella and Augusto Ungarelli  in the northern town of Valenza, a place with a rich heritage of jewellery making and goldsmithing.
This heritage and the region’s long, artistic legacy is something that informs all aspects of the business today as its designers and craftsmen continue to explore and exploit the extraordinary properties of gold.
Earrings from the Geometrica range by Vendorafa
The company has a passion for perfection at every stage of the creative process and epitomises the heritage, craftsmanship and inimitable “Italian Style” that led the world through the 50s and 60s and which is enjoying a resurgence of popularity today, as “Made in Italy”, once again, becomes a byword for quality, elegance and innate panache.
The company is housed in a celebrated modern building, designed by the renowned architect Ignazio Gardella and occupying a hilltop vantage point with awe inspiring views to the Alps.
Here, in state-of-the-art, light-filled workshops, Vendorafa’s designers formulate their ideas and visions using the latest computer technology. Here too highly skilled goldsmiths work in a time-honoured tradition, perpetuating and honing ancient techniques such as modelling, hammering, engraving and embossing to make each piece of Vendorafa jewellery truly individual.
The end result is jewellery which is contemporary, bold and confident yet sensual and tactile.  This is a brand which makes a powerful personal statement and reflects today’s strong, multi-faceted femininity.
Italian brand ‘Vendorafa’ offers luxury and style
Mario Lombardi, founder of the Vendorafa brand, sketches some designs. Lombardi’s daughter Daniella Ungarelli currently runs the business with her husband Augusto
Advalorem is offering the British consumer some fifteen Vendorafa suites to choose from comprising matching necklaces and/or pendants, bracelets, ‘conversation’ rings and earrings.  A selection of stunning, individual bangles, bracelets and statement brooches are also available.  All pieces are hand-made in richly-coloured 18ct yellow gold and many designs have pave diamond accents. All are finished to perfection.
Particular favourites amongst early adopters of the brand have been the ‘Petali Due’, ‘Flora’ and ‘TuttOro’ collections.  All three feature rich, butter yellow gold worked to perfection by the company’s goldsmiths to create the rich palette of textures and tones for which the brand is rightly famous. Textures which are further enhanced by the sparing use of pave diamonds to add light and visual excitement.
The ‘Tutt’Oro’ collection by Vendorafa  in highly-textured butter yellow gold features the signature design motif of the brand.  The cuff (£7,950) is one of the company’s most popular pieces and has a range of pieces to accompany it include earrings and a ring.
Whilst Vendorafa jewels are beyond fashion, they are nevertheless of the moment and the company strives to maintain a strong link with all the design disciplines and to keep in touch with modern moods and directions. No detail is overlooked. The backs of the jewels are as pleasing as the fronts. Necklaces and bracelets are exquisitely articulated and all clasps and fastenings are not only integral to the design but also work like clockwork.
Vendorafa designers draw on natural floral and vegetable motifs for their inspiration and many pieces have an organic, sculptural quality which is reinforced by the occasional use of other, non-precious materials such as wood.  All have dynamism, spontaneity and an earthy sophistication.
Petali Due Necklet
“Vendorafa is an unashamedly luxurious product which is as beautifully made as it is superbly designed. It appeals to style-conscious British women of all ages, and we are already enjoying a warm reception from leading retailers and their customers countrywide,” says Andrew Morton, managing director of AdValorem.
Top jewellery journalist and author, Vivienne Becker, is someone who has already fallen under Vendorafa’s spell: “Vendorafa’s jewels exude an easy opulence and a relaxed glamour that is both vibrant and versatile. These are jewels to take a woman effortlessly from day to evening, sporty for casual weekend wear, with jeans and a white shirt, dramatic for a dressed-up dinner.  The Vendorafa look is varied and versatile, yet linked by a distinctive, immediately recognisable, cohesive style,” she said.
Added extras
As you would expect from a recognised luxury brand, Vendorafa offers UK stockists a complete package and is well supported by first-rate, life-style photography and branded point of sale and packaging.  The latter comprises substantial ‘hammered gold’ boxes with sumptuous velvet lined silk jewellery pouches or jewellery rolls within.
Flora Due Ring
To help to further support the brand, Advalorem has announced that it is to undertake a sustained public relations, consumer advertising and general promotional programme during 2012 to bring the brand to the widest possible consumer audience.
Retail prices for Vendorafa start at around £2,000 for a ring and rise to well over £10,000 for some of the larger diamond and gold necklaces.
Ben Williams, business development manager for Vendorafa, is highly enthusiastic about the brand. “There really is nothing quite like Vendorafa currently available to the British consumer.  The sheer craftsmanship shines through and this makes it a highly desirable purchase — an investment piece that will give pleasure for generations,” he said.
The  Vendorafa collection can be viewed by appointment in the company’s ‘Creative Suite’ in Birmingham, or at retailers’ own premises by contacting Ben Williams on 0121 678 4138.



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