BRAND FEATURE – London DE unveils mine-to-market emerald experience


London DE has unveiled the launch of an innovative immersive experience directly from their Colombian subsidiary, based in the heart of the emerald district of Bogotá. 

Launching in November 2022, London DE’s Colombian subsidiary London DE SAS will offer the unique opportunity to witness the journey of an emerald being transported from mine to market in Bogotá, Colombia.

Tour-goers will learn all about and trace the ethically sourced emerald gemstones that London DE uses to create their bespoke fine jewellery in London’s Hatton Garden.

London DE unveils mine-to-market emerald experience

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new emerald tours in the heart of the emerald capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

“Having had an office in Bogotá for several years now, our team are well placed to provide an unrivalled immersive emerald experience and expertise.

“We’ve recently witnessed an increase in the popularity of Colombian emeralds in the UK market, and have noted that many customers want to learn more about the stones themselves and their traceability.

“As the UK’s leading supplier of ethically sourced Colombian emeralds, we are uniquely placed to be able to offer an incredibly informative and unique experience to our customers wishing to learn even more.

“We hope that our Emerald tours will be an unforgettable experience for those, for example, who might have chosen a London DE emerald ring for their engagement and later plan an anniversary or honeymoon trip to Colombia.

“We can’t think of anything more romantic than tracing the footsteps and following the journey of where the centre stone of your engagement ring has been sourced from.

“These tours will be available for anyone wanting the emerald experience, London DE customers and tourists alike.

“It’s my promise that the London DE Mine-To-Market Emerald Tour will be an unforgettable experience.”

Phil Spencer, Founder and Managing Director, London DE.

Phil Spencer, Founder and Managing Director, London DE.


The Mine-To-Market Emerald Experience

Launching in November 2022, the standard tour based in Bogotá, Colombia includes the following: 

  • Learning about the precious stones at the famous Emerald Museum in the centre of Bogotá, before taking a stroll down Emerald Street to witness the city’s most remarkable graffiti murals.
  • Discovering the history of emeralds and their use in the wonderfully constructed monstrances.
  • Hearing the Colombian “legenda” of how emeralds were created and the story of Fura and Tena.
  • Visiting the bustling picturesque Rosario Square to experience informal Colombian emerald trade selling first-hand.
  • At the end of the tour, visitors will receive exclusive access to the Emerald Trade Centre to learn how to identify emeralds first-hand, before enjoying a Colombian coffee at the London DE SAS workshop.
  • Plus extra bespoke tour add-ons are available including excursions to the mines in Colombia.

Prices start from $50 per person with group concessions available.

To book on an emerald tour call +57 317 6370862

For further information about upcoming tours and group bookings please email [email protected]


Based in London’s Hatton Garden, London DE has a mine-to-market approach and are the leading specialists in ethically sourced Colombian emeralds and certified diamonds.

Philip Spencer founded London DE in 2013 with a desire to build an ethical and sustainable business revolving around his love for gemstones and jewellery. 

Since then, his team has expanded significantly both internationally and in terms of third-party delivery partners

In 2020, we opened our Colombian subsidiary, London DE SAS, in the heart of the emerald district of Bogotá to ensure we’re buying our stones from the top of the supply chain and know exactly where our materials are sourced from.

Through having a wholly-owned subsidiary in Colombia we are able to ensure the ethical credentials of our supply chain and provide customers with the lowest price for the highest quality gemstones. 

We also operate a workshop in Bogotá, Colombia, employing local craftspeople on a fair and equitable basis.

This provides transparency of our mine-to-market chain and cuts out any middlemen. We achieve this in part through our unique set of relationships, high in the gem supply chain, and partly through our lean business model.

The corporate mission of London DE is to deliver precious gemstones and bespoke jewellery to both business and retail markets in a smarter, more cost-effective way than our competitors.

We also offer a selected range of ready-to-wear jewellery, in addition to bespoke pieces.

In January 2022, we opened our DMCC (Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre) office in the United Arab Emirates, giving us direct access and insight into one of the fastest-growing luxury retail markets in the world.

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