International Jewellery London unveils unique seminar programme spanning trends to ethics


International Jewellery London unveils unique seminar programme spanning trends to ethics

By Tom Wildhern

LONDON – International Jewellery London (IJL) in 2010 features a broad seminar programme delivered by a cross-section of industry leaders, who will present themes such as spotting design and colour trends, tips on how to sell diamonds, the growing interest in ethical jewellery, and advice on collecting contemporary jewels.

The IJL seminars timetable can be found by clicking on this link:
All sessions are on a first come first served basis, so people are encouraged to arrive early to sessions that they would like to attend.

Jaana Jätyri at IJL
Jaana Jätyri

One of the most popular themes of the seminars programme will be trends. By anticipating consumers’ needs before they are aware of them, puts you ahead of your competition in a tight market.
“Trend forecasting is becoming vital for companies of all sizes,” said Jaana Jätyri, CEO of, who is expected to draw a big crowd to her presentation again this year.
“A few years ago companies could get by without in-depth trend information, but today’s trend-savvy consumer demands products that are in line with the latest trends,” she told Jewellery Outlook.
In this year’s seminar Jaana will discuss the consumer trend cycle and present a preview of 2011 trends.
She told JCK Magazine in a recent interview, “We are seeing a lot of futuristic shapes coming through in jewellery, as well as ornate, ethnic looks.
“Now, it is not so much which metal or material is used, but about exciting, unique shapes, and applying the most relevant material, weather gold, stainless steel or Perspex to accentuate the appropriate mood of the piece.”
Justine Fox, Creative Director of Global Color Research with Mix Publications, will discuss how colour trends are forecast to anticipate consumers’ requirements.

Justine Fox, IJL
Justine Fox

She will share insights into how the colours, surfaces and shapes that we will be looking for in Spring/Summer 2011 will translate into the jewellery sector.
“We’ll be presenting 4 colour stories from Mix Trends colour forecast book that are driven by our society, technology advances and global economic and political changes,” Justine said.
“Due to huge economic and political shifts of the last few years, 2011 focuses on embracing the future, and looking at the world with fresh eyes. A mixture of trepidation and optimism is reflected in the colours for 2011.”
Justine added, “We’re going to explain the process of trend forecasting and the cycle of trends – how they enter the markets and at what points they will be important to which sectors of consumer.
“We will illustrate these points with beautiful visuals and examples from several sectors of the design industry as a whole including the jewellery sector.”


In his presentation, Douglas Kennedy, Education Manager of GIA London, will help sales associates to sell ethically, honestly, and effectively by giving all the product knowledge they need to sell diamond jewellery with confidence.

Douglas Kennedy at IJL
Douglas Kennedy

“Customers face an ever-increasing amount of information and options when buying a diamond. This presentation outlines what today’s jewellery professionals need to know to gain a satisfied customer and a successful sale,” Douglas said.
Douglas has worked in the jewellery industry since 1974.  Responsibilities have included jewellery sales, insurance valuations and store management.
For the past 17 years, he has been an instructor with the Gemological Institute of America teaching classes in gemmology and other aspects of the jewellery industry at campuses in California and London.
One of the most high-profile events will be the “Everything you need to know about building a successful brand” panel session, where IJL are asking the jewellery trade to submit their questions to the panel prior to the show.
Featuring a panel of experts including Jay Raniga, the Brand Director of Pure Jewels, questions can be submitted at


Ethics in jewellery is increasingly in focus, and sculptural jeweller Ute Decker is making a name for herself as an advocate of a green approach to jewellery making.

Ute Decker's Jewellery
Ute Decker’s Jewellery

“I have always been a very environmentally minded person,” Ute said.
“I could not make a beautiful piece of jewellery out of a material that has involved child labour, appalling working conditions, or that helped to fund a civil war in Africa.”
Ute’s seminar will look at what the growing trend of ethical jewellery means for jewellers, retailers and suppliers.
Touching upon current projects and developments, this seminar examines potential challenges and opportunities ethical jewellery is offering to the jewellery industry.
“Consumers are increasingly concerned about what is behind the goods and services they are buying. This is particularly true for non-essential, emotive luxury items such as jewellery,” Ute said.


Joanna Hardy, a well-known expert on jewellery collecting, will talk about today’s jewels which will become the antiques of the future.
“Pieces that become timeless and have stood the test of time have succeeded because of their originality and craftsmanship,” Joanna said.
“What to collect is a very personal choice as jewellery has always been worn or bought for as many different reasons as there are people.
“Collecting contemporary jewellery gives one the opportunity to form a special relationship between oneself, the jewel and its maker, an experience that can only be provided in jewellery that is made today. “
Joanna said she hopes that her lecture will encourage the retailers and other members of the jewellery trade to look beyond the brands and to appreciate and encourage good quality individual jewellery makers and designers, and to help keep the technical skills and the craft of goldsmithing alive.
“There is sometimes a danger in treating all jewellery purely as a commodity and over looking what jewellery is all about,” she said.
“It is a discerning market right now and I feel there is a strong demand for top quality handmade jewellery which in my view should be supported.”

Liz and Annoushka @IJL
Liz and Annoushka

Liz Olver, Design Director of London jeweller Annoushka, will give a seminar about the change in habits in the process of buying, wearing and designing jewellery.
“I will be discussing the changing face of the jewellery industry over the past three decades, focusing on the influences on the industry from rising incomes, changing demographics, women’s work patterns and the way in which fashion has affected the jewellery industry,” Liz said.
“I will talk about how one of the main reasons Annoushka decided to launch a new fine jewellery collection was to bridge the gap between the classic fine jewellers and the high street — and design jewellery to be worn by women every day,” she said.
“Women are increasingly financially independent and as such we find more and more women buying jewellery for themselves — but the classic jewellers still seem to be targeting the men who buy the jewellery for high days and holidays.”
Liz will also discuss the concept of a jewellery wardrobe – encouraging women to style their jewellery as they do with clothes, building a collection of everyday basics like diamond studs and pearls, and more dramatic statement pieces, resulting in a collection which expresses their own style and individuality.
Stephen Webster, one of Britain’s best known jewellers, will talk about the evolution of men and their jewellery, and will outline what goes through his mind when he puts together a new collection for men.
Stephen will look at who is buying men’s jewellery, and will give his views on the key aspects to help retailers sell more men’s jewellery.

Annoushka Stacking Rings
Annoushka Stacking Rings

The “big picture” issues affecting the global diamond and gemstone markets will be addressed by industry leaders Martin Rapaport, Chairman of the Rapaport Group, and Edward Johnson, Director of GIA London.
Martin will focus on the state of the diamond industry, and will doubtless lure a large audience among those already familiar with his energetic and incisive delivery style.
Edward will provide an update on the world of diamonds, gemstones and jewellery, incorporating GIA’s international perspective and experience.
He will explore current issues affecting the art, science and business of the gemstone market worldwide.
China is widely recognised as a key growth market for gemstones and jewellery as its economy continues to expand at a rapid pace.
Designer Fei Liu will discuss how changes in the Chinese market have influenced his work.
Fei told Jewellery Outlook that he believes that China will be a major market for UK branded jewellery, presenting a vital opportunity for the trade.

International Jewellery London
5-8 September 2010
Earls Court 2, London