Tulja Jewellers, Green Street’s wedding experts


Tulja Jewellers, Green Street’s wedding experts

By Christopher Hourmouzios

Tulja Jewellers – a leading gold and diamond wedding jewellery specialist in London

LONDON – Family-owned Tulja Jewellers in east London’s Green Street jewellery quarter is renowned as a premier wedding and engagement jewellery specialist.

Tulja Jewellers, Diamond pendant
Tulja Jewellers sells a wide variety of mainly 22kt yellow gold jewellery and is well known as a specialist in wedding sets, including diamond jewellery.
“When people think of weddings, they think of Tulja,” said Vijay Lodhia, co-owner of Tulja Jewellers, and Treasurer of the Green Street Jewellers’ Association (GSJA).
“Now we have reached a stage where diamond jewellery is an essential part of wedding sets,” he said.

Destination for South Asian diamond jewellery for weddings and engagement.

Vijay forecast increased spending on diamond jewellery for South Asian weddings.
“Tulja Jewellers was always known by its customers as a wedding and engagement jewellery specialist for its vast variety, quality, excellent value for money and exceptional customer services,” he said.
Tulja Jewellers stocks high-quality, special designs which involve a lot of filigree work and have unusual and original patterns.“We stock necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings and bracelets, some of which can be seen on our website: www.tulja.co.uk,” Vijay said.
“Now we are known for the quality of the craftsmanship of our designs, and for the variety of pieces that we stock. Our deliberate policy is to have a big stock.”

Tulja Jewellers Platinum Jewellery
Tulja Jewellers Platinum Ring

Extensive range of platinum, palladium and yellow gold rings with exclusive seasonal offers

Tulja Jewellers stocks wedding rings in platinum, palladium, 18 kt white and yellow gold, and 22 kt yellow gold.
“We were among the first to stock white gold jewellery on Green Street,” Vijay said.

Tulja Jewellers
“We have jewellery to meet all budgets, and to celebrate both small and big occasions.”
He added, “We have seasonal offers round the year for all festival celebrations.”
Diamond jewellery is always a major focus of Tulja.

Its Western-style diamond jewellery includes white gold, cruciform and wave-patterned pendants with brilliants and baguettes; floral and triple-hoop clip-on earrings; and Tiffany-style bracelets.
Tulja Jewellers is increasingly attracting younger customers.
“We’ve had a revolution: more young people are buying from us and we are seeing brides of 20 and younger,” Vijay said.

Tulja Jewellers
262 Green Street
London E7 8LF
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