Satyan Jewellers in east London has exotic roots


Satyan Jewellers in east London has exotic roots

LONDON, April 2010 – Satyan Jewellers in the Green Street jewellery quarter in east London has exotic roots in India and Africa.
Satyan Jewellers
Linked flexible diamond bangle in 18k white gold

The current owner Kishor Pala’s grandfather, Dayalji Narsibhai Pala, arrived in East Africa from Gujarat in India in 1926 and, after living in Uganda for a few years, set up a jewellery workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, to manufacture 22k gold pieces for the local trade as well as bespoke jewellery.
During the next four decades, Dayalji Pala, and eventually his son Prabhudas Pala, Kishor’s father, worked to create bespoke, handmade jewellery for customers in Kenya.
In the 1970s Prabhudas and Kishor settled in London, and in 1982 set up the original Satyan Jewellers retail store on Green Street (named after Kishor’s son Satyan), selling mainly 22k gold jewellery. Satyan Jewellers moved to the current location at 220 Green Street in 1985.

Satyan Jewellers now prides itself on the great variety of high-quality product it has in stock, ranging from 22k gold jewellery, to diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, and large diamond-encrusted pendants with gemstones.
“Our key strategy as jewellers is to give our customers huge choice in all product categories but at the same time ensuring that each design has its unique position within the collection,” Satyan told Jewellery Outlook.
“We are the jeweller of quality, variety and choice on Green Street.”
Satyan Jewellers
Designer diamond encrusted ball
earrings in 18k white gold

Satyan Jewellers’ boutique has a two-storey showroom with the Diamond Room on the first floor, flush with magnificent diamond jewellery in platinum and 18k white and yellow gold for the bridal market and self-purchase.
Satyan Jewellers is one of Green Street’s leading stockists of diamond jewellery with products ranging from a small diamond nose stud for 50 pounds, to a superb diamond necklace set for 30,000 pounds.
Predominantly British Asian customers come to Green Street and shop at the Diamond Room knowing that with the level of choice on offer, they will probably find what they want.
Satyan Jewellers launched an online shop in 2010, so customers can purchase from the comfort of their own homes by visiting On the ground floor, the long glass showcases feature 22k gold jewellery, including intricate designer necklaces, sets and bangles for weddings and parties, serving the traditional tastes of South Asian customers.

“We are known for pushing the boundaries of design and our customers know that at Satyan Jewellers they will always find the most innovative, unique and latest designer jewellery, for weddings and self-purchase,” said Satyan.
Satyan Jewellers
Diamond encrusted dress ring

Satyan Jewellers is devoting its efforts increasingly to the bridal market in 2010.
“One thing we are really focusing on this year is wedding rings and diamond engagement rings,” Satyan said.
“We want to capture more of that market.”
Satyan Jewellers stocks the UK’s popular Bien wedding rings, as well as luxury designer Swiss wedding rings brand Furrer Jacot.
Satyan Jewellers stocks a large variety of wedding and diamond engagement rings in comparison to many other retail jewellers and has maintained this high variety in all product categories despite the global economic crisis.
“Our strength is value for money and variety of designs.
“Our customers know that they will get to see an exceptional variety of designs at our store.  In addition, they know that we do not compromise on the quality of the jewellery that we stock.  Therefore, as well as paying particular attention to each product design, we also ensure that all of our diamond jewellery has the finest quality diamonds.

“Our customers can also choose their own unique certified diamond for the engagement ring design of their choice.”
Satyan Jewellers posts diamond jewellery catalogues to thousands of Londoners featuring its core range.
Satyan Jewellers
Trilogy style diamond engagement ring

In the early 1980s, Green Street was home to just a handful of jewellers, but since then the area has mushroomed into a thriving hub of almost two dozen jewellers.
As the dynamic British Asian community flourished through the 1980s and 1990s, Green Street catered to changing tastes as customers’ requirements shifted increasingly to diamond jewellery as well as white gold and platinum pieces.
“Many years ago, the South Asian community which had migrated to Britain would only seek 22k yellow gold jewellery, attracted by its high purity.
“However, as the Asian community evolved and matured, and as the younger British Asians established themselves financially, they developed more of an appreciation and taste for higher value 18k gold and diamond jewellery,” Satyan said.
By the early 1990s, Satyan Jewellers had a couple of trays of diamond jewellery — white or yellow 18k gold with solitaire diamonds. But as interest in the gemstones grew, so did the jewellers’ stock and variety culminating in the huge choice available today.
“Today our business is much more design-led,” Satyan said.
Satyan Jewellers
Classic diamond hoop earrings

“We have always taken risks when it comes to design. We have always stocked jewellery which pushes the boundaries.”
Satyan Jewellers is also increasingly stocking coloured gemstones with its diamond pendant pieces, particularly sapphires and rubies.
One white gold necklace featuring diamonds as well as yellow, blue and pink sapphires is currently available for 7,645 pounds. Matching earrings retail for 2,060 pounds.
Another white gold necklace, with pear-shaped rubies, pearls and diamonds, is in stock for 7,560 pounds. Matching earrings are available for 5,235 pounds.
White gold is becoming very popular for all types of jewellery.
“People have developed a strong appreciation for white gold and platinum,” Satyan said.

Satyan Jewellers was a founding member of the Green Street Jewellers’ Association (GSJA), which has come together to build the Green Street brand in the run-up to the nearby 2012 London Olympics.
“We want people to realise that Green Street is another important jewellery quarter of London — just as they realise this about Hatton Garden and Bond Street,” Satyan said.
Satyan Jewellers
Diamond star pendant

“We want people to see Green Street as a quality jewellery quarter so that branded jewellery can come to Green Street.”
Satyan Jewellers is staging promotional events to showcase its variety of jewellery, including a wedding ring festival to be held in May 2010.
During April, the festival is being advertised on local South Asian radio stations Sunrise Radio and Buzz Asia.
Satyan Jewellers is looking at the possibility of bringing branded jewellery and watch brands to the shop to meet the rapidly evolving and more sophisticated tastes of customers who come to Green Street.
While the 2012 London Olympics will create a splendid opportunity to bring fresh footfall to Green Street and Satyan Jewellers for a period, Satyan has a much longer term vision.

“We want people to have heard of Green Street and to recognise the fact that it represents the highest quality in fine jewellery,” he said.

Satyan Jewellers
220 Green Street
London E7 8LE