Bransom leads way with wireless Chip and Pin integration through Paymentsense


Bransom leads way with wireless Chip & Pin integration through Paymentsense

August 2017 – Bransom has been working closely with Europe’s largest merchant service provider Paymentsense to integrate the next generation of wireless payment terminals on a secure network with its new mobile PoS solutions and deliver a robust and efficient system for maximising sales on the shop floor.

Traditionally, payment terminals could only work when connected to one device. The recent trend tightening up on security meant that moving terminals was both time consuming and required access to security codes etc., which are not always readily available.

Paymentsense’s PCI-compliant cloud-based technology, called Connect™, has revolutionised wireless payment systems and now allows their terminals to connect quickly and easily over a wi-fi network or LAN. Now if a terminal (till or PDQ) has failed, you can be quickly up and running with another device in seconds.

Multiple Chip & Pin devices can be assigned to work with multiple Bransom mPoS tills, allowing the user to select which terminal to use when payment is being made. On the shop floor, this makes sales faster and more efficient, enabling queue-busting since there is no need to wait for a payment terminal to be free. Shop staff can be more efficient, engage anywhere in store and potentially earn more commission through more sales volumes.

Bransom’s cloud-based mPoS solution uses Paymentsense ConnectTM connectivity and removes the need for specific software for Windows, Apple or Android devices, allowing PDQ terminals to be shared with multiple tills. It can be used standalone or integrated with its bsmart2/mPoS Stock Management System, and is one of the first PoS systems in the UK and the first in the UK Jewellery trade to be using this new technology.

Until September 5th, Paymentsense has announced special offers for both new and existing PoS customers who sign up, ranging from a discount off the cost of a new PoS system to free card machines.

For more information, contact Bransom on 01442 256445.

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