Brazilian dealer showcases orangish-pink imperial topaz listed on Gembridge


An exceptional, unheated 10.85-carat orangish-pink imperial topaz, with an especially vibrant brilliance, highlights listings of Brazilian dealer MBERNARDES on digital trading platform Gembridge.

Marcelo Bernardes of MBERNARDES, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough about what makes imperial topaz unique.Brazilian dealer showcases orangish-pink imperial topaz listed on Gembridge

Marcelo Bernardes

Which gemstone is your standout listing on Gembridge? What is its story from mine to cutting and listing?

I would say the 10.85-ct imperial topaz. We bought the rough
about two years ago. It is from the Capão Mine in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Its magnificent colour and outstanding clarity caught our attention amongst
other crystals offered at the time.10.85-carat imperial topaz. Gembridge listing lot 253

10.85-carat imperial topaz. Gembridge listing lot 253

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Imperial topaz is one of the few stones to which you can attach a label “Only from Brazil”.

It is extremely rare, especially in the red tones and sizes over 5 carats.

It requires no treatment in 99% of the stones, unless you want to get a pure pink by heating the peach colours.

Please briefly describe one or two other highlighted gemstones and their stories?

The 7.16-ct Paraiba from Mozambique is one of my favourites. Fantastic colour
and good clarity in a majestic piece. It was bought in rough five years ago from an African supplier at the Hong Kong show. We brought it to Brazil and finally cut it this year. It came out as the best colour Paraiba from Mozambique that we had ever cut.7.16-ct Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique
7.16-ct Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique. Gembridge listing lot 254.

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How could MBERNARDES’s 78.40-ct pink kunzite, listed on Gembridge, be used in a piece of jewellery?

Probably this remarkable kunzite could be used as a pendant or even as an
extravagant ring. Nowadays there are no limitations to what wealthy people desire.78.40-ct pink kunzite


78.40-ct pink kunzite, listed as Gembridge lot 776

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What is your own personal story as a gem dealer?

I’m the second generation of a gemstone family business started by my father in 1944.

I fell in love with these coloured gifts from God when I was eight years old.

At 18 I graduated in Gemmology at GIA and then I came back to Brazil to study Mining Engineering.

Afterwards, I became responsible for the gemstone handling in our company, including international trading.

I have been a Director of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA.)

How important to you is a sustainable, responsibly managed supply chain? What steps do you take to try and achieve this?

I see it as crucial to the future of our beloved gemstone trade. The consumer is hungry for ethical and sustainable business practices in every industry.

We have taken a few steps towards achieving this by adopting a series of protocols especially with our suppliers, making sure we have a fair amount of documented information on every purchase, trying to deal with reputable
miners, and making sure that every stone receives the correct identification and processing information at every stage until it is sold.

Why were you attracted to list your stones on Gembridge?

It seemed to us to be a well-planned platform and with good gemstone people
heading the operation.

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