Carla Goodfellow retires from the Birmingham Assay Office


Carla Goodfellow, who handles Operations and Business Development at the Birmingham Assay Office, is set to retire later this month.

Carla Goodfellow

Goodfellow, who has been in the jewellery industry for 35 years, 18 of which working at the Birmingham Assay Office, started her career at Birmingham-based jewellery manufacturer Gallery Jewellers, which became G&A Manufacturers, part of Abbeycrest PLC.  Little did she know it would lead to a lifelong career in the jewellery industry.

Her time at G&A took her to Thailand, where she was part of the project team managing the factory relocation from the UK. Goodfellow travelled between the UK and Thailand for five years and was involved in every detail, from seeing the original land purchased to helping to determine the manufacturing layout from the plan and subsequent staff recruitment and training.

After the factory opening in Thailand and the closure of G&A, Goodfellow joined The Birmingham Assay Office in 2005 and was appointed as Manager of SafeGuard and AnchorCert Gem Lab.

“My decision to retire from the industry was probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make. My husband retired 12 months ago, and it is time for me to join him and have time to support family commitments,” Goodfellow said.

Doug Henry, Assay Master and CEO, said: “Carla has been an immense presence throughout her time with the office.  I have had the privilege to work with her over the last six years and her passion, commitment and dedication are perpetually energising.

“Whilst we’re delighted for her and wish her the very best for a long, happy and healthy retirement, we’re also saddened to be losing such a valuable member of our team.

“This also presents exciting development opportunities which are being taken up by our team to ensure that we continue to support and serve our customers.”