Jewellery Collections – From Worldgem to Cielo Venezia 1270


From Worldgem to Cielo Venezia 1270

Cielo Venezia collection
According to tales handed down through the generations, the origins of the family of Sergio Cielo – the Vicenza businessman who founded Cielo Venezia 1270 and is now its president – date back to the second half of the year 1200 and to an illustrious ancestor, Cielo d’Alcamo. Cielo d’Alcamo is recognised as a first poet of Italian literature for his famous Rosa fresca aulentissima.
According to family lore, while wandering among the noble courts, in about 1270, Cielo d’Alcamo met the young Marco Polo who was about to set off on his first journey to China. He was captivated by a number of precious stones brought back from the mysterious Orient by Marco’s father and he bought them from the young Polo.
Through Cielo D’Alcamo, the stones reached the ladies at the court of Catania. They fell in love with such beauty and adorned themselves with the stones. This marked the birth of the first jewels created, as it were, under the Cielo “brand”. The very same Cielo d’Alcamo who was the progenitor of the Cielo family of Vicenza.
Over 700 years later, in 1985, Sergio Cielo created Worldgem Srl, which in 1989 became Worldgem SpA. Today, Worldgem SpA is one of the top companies in the trade, working to acquaint the world with the values of Italian-made jewellery. In order to emphasise its deep-rooted ties with the great Italian tradition embodied in Cielo d’Alcamo and Marco Polo’s Venice, today Worldgem has changed its name to become Cielo Venezia 1270.
Cielo Venezia - Italian made Jewellery
Cielo Venezia Jewellery
The story of Worldgem, today Cielo Venezia 1270, is not just the story of a successful Italian company. It is the story of a unique vision in the jewellery business: “bringing joy and love” through jewellery, especially jewellery with Italian style and design.
Cielo Venezia 1270, based in Olmo di Creazzo near Vicenza, has therefore created a rich and diverse family of jewellery brands: Miluna Cielo, Nimei Cielo, Arkano Cielo for men, Yukiko Cielo, Kiara Cielo, Yukey Cielo, and Miss Fashion Cielo.
Cielo Venezia 1270 recently acquired Meccaniche Veloci, the Milan watchmaker specialised in superb quality designer chronographs. With a 51% stake in the company, the Vicenza based group has now entered a new market segment underpinned by research and development.
As we enter 2009, Cielo Venezia 1270 has also become the first and only Italian company to produce and market precious jewellery dedicated to the Winx, the six fairies who have conquered the hearts of girls all over the world. The brand best known by women is Miluna Cielo. Since 1997 Miluna Cielo has created the gold-and-diamond crowns for the beauty contest Miss Italia.
Cielo Venezia beautiful collection
Beautiful Jewellery of Cielo Venezia
Sergio Cielo, the founder and president, was born 50 years ago into a family involved in the winemaking business since 1908.The youngest of eight brothers and sisters, Sergio studied economy and commerce at university and then joined the jewellery world in the 1970s, selling advertising space for a trade journal.
In his first 12 years at the helm of Worldgem the company acquired 4,000 customers, 200 employees, 60 exclusive sales agents and 100 billion lire of sales .
Among the top Italian firms in terms of revenue, the company closed its financial statement at June 2008 with a turnover of €57 million and expects to close 2009 with a turnover of approximately €63 million thanks to the growth of the brands and the opening of new international markets including China and East Europe.
Sergio Cielo runs the company today with his wife, Mara, who is in charge of R&D, and their son, Mattia. At just over 30, Mattia is the managing director of Cielo S.r.l, a company created specifically to promote the “Mattia Cielo” brand of luxury designer jewellery.
luxury designer jewellery
luxury jewellery
Over 450,000 pieces of Cielo Venezia 1270 jewellery are sold every year through more than 3,000 jewellery shops in Italy and hundreds of others across the globe. Cielo Venezia 1270 also sells its collections in six company-owned shops: a flagship store under the Miluna banner in Milan, and five Calergi stores in Rome, Vicenza (two), Turin and Rescaldina (Milan).
Cielo Venezia 1270 continues to expand into international markets and has strengthened its presence in the Middle East, United States, China and in East Europe, with a particular attention to outstanding markets such as Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
The presence of Cielo Venezia 1270 in the world is increasing: five branches located in very important countries for its commercial and distribution strategy, in the United States (Miami), United Kingdom (Nottingham), Romania (Bucharest), Hong Kong, China (Tjanjin).
In these countries the company aims to increase its commercial presence, thanks to partnerships with local dealers, and also in order to develop a Cielo Venezia 1270 retail network: these shops are characterised by a format representative of the corporate style. Inside the consumer can find all of Cielo Venezia 1270’s brands.

Beautiful designer jewellery

The businessman-philosopher

Sergio Cielo gives great importance to his early years when he absorbed from his father, the mayor of Montorso Vicentino, an innate ability to listen to and help the 2,000 inhabitants of the village in a simple, natural way.This led to his idea of “doing something to make others happy”. He would later apply that idea to jewellery.
Sergio Cielo likes to say how his family – a family of ten with his parents and six elder brothers and sisters – was an extraordinary mixture of human behaviour and characteristics which he studied and based on which he later developed his approach both to the world at large and business.
His interaction with so many different personalities in his early years gave him the inspiration for a “family” of jewellery brands, each with a separate identity appealing to different worlds and aspirations.
In his mature years he would range from Freud to Jung to Oriental philosophy in order to rationalise the things he had instinctively applied to his business dealings, creating jewellery of Italian style and design which could gratify a person’s pre-conscious, unconscious and conscious needs.
The collections of the Cielo Venezia 1270 brands all refer to these interpretations of human needs:
• Pre-conscious needs refer to the Super-Ego and the Parent. They are associated with such values as Serenity, Peace, Security, Classicism, Tradition. They are represented by natural, blue elements such as the sky or the sea. They inspired the Miluna Cielo, Nimei Cielo, Arkano Cielo and Miss Fashion Cielo collections of classic jewellery, which interpret the Blue World of Cielo Venezia 1270.
• The unconscious is the Child, i.e. Play, Revolution, Fun, Dreams, the ability to face challenges. Its universal symbols are fire and force, represented by the colour red. This inspired the Yukiko Cielo, Kiara Cielo and Yukey Cielo ranges of creative jewellery which interpret the Red World of Cielo Venezia 1270.
• The conscious self, the Adult, is Wisdom and Experience represented by the yellow of the sun, a symbol of energy. This is the Mattia Cielo adult jewellery, personalised and unique, and Meccaniche Veloci, superlative designer watches, interpreters of Mondo Giallo by Cielo Venezia 1270.