Cindy Chao presents her latest Black Label creations at Masterpiece London


Celebrated  high-jeweller CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel will join a number of artists in presenting her latest designs at Masterpiece London.

Masterpiece London, which will be running online for the second year running, will launch on 24th June 2021. Throughout the exhibition, a program of content-led activity will provide a platform for Masterpiece exhibitors to share their knowledge and expertise and to initiate conversations with curators and collectors from the art community.

Masterpiece’s exhibitors span all eras and disciplines and include many of the world’s most distinguished art dealerships. Scrupulous vetting and thoughtful juxtaposition allow one to encounter beautiful works of art, have one’s eyes opened to the unfamiliar, and buy with confidence.CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel

Cindy Chao The Art Jewel is among the handful of select distinguished jewellers invited to participate at Masterpiece London and the Asian jeweller will showcase some of her newest Black Label creations, including the incredible Star Sapphire Brooch, which has been selected by Masterpiece London as one of the winning exhibits under the “Precious Stone” Category.

Masterpiece London upon making the announcement added, This work has a remarkable sculptural quality that is impressive not only for the design, but also for its technical skills. A wonderful piece” 

Chao made her first appearance at Masterpiece in 2018, a debut that received accolades from the organizer, its collectors and distinguished guests. Cindy Chao was the recipient of the 2018 “Outstanding Object Award” and 2019 “Best Jewelry Piece of the Fair”.