Clarity & Success releases Precious Metals Purchase module


Clarity & Success has released a module for its Evolution software which makes the purchase of precious metals easy.

During the pandemic, the ability to trade in metals is becoming more and more important for retailers.

The software, which specialises in the processes of the jewellery industry, takes over every step from acquisition to melting.

“The software differentiates between private and business sales and records all relevant data,” says Karen Russell, Managing Director of Clarity & Success UK.

“The retailer records all the required client information including images and ID to comply with the relevant laws, and this gives peace of mind to the jeweller.”

The tool always uses the current precious metal prices and calculates the correct purchase value taking into account alloy, weight, deductions and purchase fees.

The cash payment, opening the cash drawer with the cash book and printing the receipts also take just a few clicks.

The software then collects all the purchases that have been made and creates a documented delivery note to accompany the items to the precious metal dealer.

The process only completes when all parties are satisfied and all payments made, with a full audit trail.Clarity & Success releases Precious Metals Purchase module