CLARITY & SUCCESS repair bags protect staff and customers


In these times of social distancing and increased personal safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, jewellers will be naturally concerned about handling a customer’s valuables which are taken in for repair, both for themselves and their customers.

That worry can be considerably reduced when the jeweller chooses to use the sanitisable repair bags from CLARITY & SUCCESS.

Keeping items in these bags means they can be easily moved and stored for periods in excess of 72 hours to comply with safety guidelines, keeping the contents safe and clean and minimising item handling.

When the repair has been collected, the bags can be cleaned easily for re-use for another item.

These handy bags not only keep the item clean and safe while in storage but also hold all the repair documentation so items can be identified at a glance.

Available in a range of colours including gold, black, silver, white and blue, the bags can cost as little as £0.85 each in quantity – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

For further information contact: [email protected]CLARITY & SUCCESS repair bags protect staff and customers