Clarity & Success UK reports high take-up of Evolution system


Clarity & Success, known for its comprehensive and user-friendly business management software for jewellers, has seen a greater-than-expected adoption of its Evolution platform in the past year.

“While we realise what a struggle it has been for retailers over the last 12 months, it’s been great to see many of them taking the chance to re-analyse their business and take the step up to our top platform, Evolution, for maximising their retail efficiency,” says Karen Russell, Managing Director of Clarity & Success UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

“We’ve had a combination of new clients, existing clients and Bransom clients moving over to the latest system which offers features such as free apps for POS, repairs and stocktaking, as well as precious metal purchasing.”

Karen Russell on stand

With the German parent company acquiring similar companies such as Terra software and JUPA, and most recently merging with renowned German POS provider ROQQIO, the new management team has now decided that the ongoing development of the core Evolution software will be under the management of the UK operation.

Karen Russell also assumes control of Clarity & Success’s German and Netherlands offices.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for the whole company,” says Karen. “Taking responsibility for managing our worldwide development teams means that we will be able to more readily implement the wishes of our customers for new features and bring them to market more quickly.”

“We have an excellent team of people both in Stafford and our Hemel Hempstead offices who know the industry inside-out and I know they will contribute massively to the future development of the software.

Karen Russell, Managing Director of Clarity & Success UK
Karen Russell, Managing Director of Clarity & Success UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

“We have some fantastic plans for the future and we look forward to rolling them out to our clients in the not-too-distant future,” says Karen.