CLARITY & SUCCESS Voucher campaigns bridge the quiet gaps


Restaurants and bars frequently use happy-hour offers to increase sales at quiet times and jewellers can also take advantage of this technique with voucher campaigns.

CLARITY & SUCCESS’ Evolution software can create campaigns that the retailer can customise for duration, target customers and product selection.

Campaigns can then be distributed using barcodes on email or social media, handed out as prints or for a more elegant approach the optional card printer can create professional card vouchers and these can be mailed in custom matching envelopes. Direct mail is more appealing today than in recent years and now gets excellent results.

“With voucher campaigns, certain brands or products are much easier to market and there is also at least one occasion a week to boost the marketing machine.” says Karen Russell, managing director of CLARITY & SUCCESS UK.

CLARITY & SUCCESS offers the card printer and matching envelopes to create high-quality voucher cards at the push of a button, which then become a modern and effective instrument for customer loyalty. The same printer can create loyalty cards and gift cards. The company also offers a design service for the branding side of the card while the details are extracted from the management software.

CLARITY & SUCCESS Voucher campaigns bridge the quiet gaps