CMJ members on exclusive tour of London Fashion Week


CMJ members on exclusive tour of London Fashion Week

LONDON, September 19, 2016 – Retail members of the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) attended London Fashion Week this weekend as guests of FACETS PR and the British Fashion Council.
CMJ members on exclusive tour of London Fashion Week

Retailers who took part in the open invitation to all CMJ members included Hemstocks Jewellers from Norwich, In the Pink Jewellers from Cleethorpes, and Jeremy France Jewellers in Winchester.

The group were given a tour of the showrooms at the event, including an in-depth look at the jewellery brands and designers taking part by a representative of the British Fashion Council, who organised the event.

“I was surprised at how many fine jewellery brands were exhibiting,” said Michele Whittam of Hemstocks Jewellers.

“I’ve not attended London Fashion Week before, and my preconceptions before I arrived were that the jewellery on show would be costume jewellery.”
CMJ members on exclusive tour of London Fashion Week

Karen Webb-Meek of In the Pink Jewellers, said: “I was really impressed by the size and atmosphere at London Fashion Week. It was very slick and professional and very inspirational to see new designs, displays and to talk to up-and-coming jewellery designers about their work.

“You can’t stand still in jewellery these days and this gives us the chance to see what’s happening outside of our own businesses. I saw jewellery that was quirky and clever from designers and brands that I hadn’t come across before.”

“I would thoroughly recommend London Fashion Week to other retailers,” said Michele Whittam, who is also a CMJ Board Director.

“I came away with loads of ideas and inspirations. Opportunities like this are just one of the many benefits of being a CMJ member. The CMJ gives us the chance to step out of our own business for a day and experience events like this, that offer new perspectives for an independent retailer like ourselves.”
CMJ members on exclusive tour of London Fashion Week The tour and collaboration between London Fashion Week and CMJ was organised by FACETS PR, who were exhibiting jewellery from clients Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Lily Gabriella, biiju and Sarah Ho London for the first time as an agency at the show.

“We were the only PR company hosting a showroom,” explained FACETS PR Director Sarah Carpin.

“During the week, we met with many UK and international press and buyers and have made some fantastic introductions to some international buyers, that our clients can now take forward.

“It’s been a very successful first appearance at the show, and we’re now looking to build on this at future Fashion Weeks in 2017.”