‘Advalorem’ to launch luxury ‘Vendorafa’


‘Advalorem’ to launch luxury ‘Vendorafa’

BIRMINGHAM, England, July 24, 2011 – WB Creative Jewellery Group Ltd has announced the creation of ‘Advalorem’, a new company within the Group formed with the aim of nurturing individuality and creativity in fine jewellery and design.
The new company’s aim will be to find and support carefully selected boutique brands and designer-jewellers, from home and abroad and to introduce them to selected British retailers seeking exquisitely-made, luxury products and leading design.

Advalorem is launching with its first brand:  ‘Vendorafa’, a dynamic family firm in the best Italian tradition, with strong family values and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in both design and manufacture.
The company epitomises the heritage, craftsmanship and “Italian Style” that had an impact through the 1950s and 1960s and is enjoying a resurgence of popularity today.
Vendorafa creates rich, contemporary gold jewels, which are bold and confident yet sensual and tactile.
Advalorem will initially be offering 10 suites comprising matching necklaces and/or pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.
A selection of individual bangles, bracelets and brooches are also available.  All the jewellery is hand-made in richly-coloured 18ct yellow gold, hand-hammered to create Vendorafa’s signature texture.
Many of the designs have pave diamond accents and all are finished to perfection.
“Advalorem gives WB Creative Jewellery Group the chance to broaden its portfolio and to offer a luxury product which is as beautifully made as it is luxurious,” says Andrew Morton, managing director of Advalorem.
Vivienne Becker, a leading jewellery journalist and author, said, “Vendorafa’s  jewels exude an easy opulence and a relaxed glamour that is both vibrant and versatile.”


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