Angelina Jolie showcases “Style of Jolie” line


Angelina Jolie showcases “Style of Jolie” line

Angelina Jolie
May 15, 2011 – Angelina Jolie accessorized her sand-coloured Ferragamo ensemble with two emerald designs from her Style of Jolie jewellery line – a collaborative collection developed with Robert Procop – at a photocall for Kung Fu Panda 2 in Cannes last week.

Jolie modeled a 50 carat emerald bracelet comprising 14 of the finest Colombian vivid green emeralds, set in the signature Tablet style of the collection (inspired by ancient tablet engravings) which she accompanied with a matching 9 carat vivid green Colombian emerald ring in a cushion setting of vibrant yellow gold.

Both pieces are part of the exclusive Style of Jolie collection from Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels, an exciting artistic collaboration the proceeds from which benefit children in need around the world via the star’s charitable foundation, The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

The pieces are currently being shown at an exhibition held at the SEM-ART Gallery in Monaco (6-19 May) where the collection is being made accessible to members of the public for the very first time.
Visitors to the exhibition will be able to chart the evolution of the Style of Jolie line from conception to completion with inspiration boards featuring the original designs shown alongside the sparkling jewels. Both of the designs modeled by Jolie last week are piece unique.

Angelina Jolie has collaborated with jeweller Robert Procop to develop the collection.
Procop owns one of the world’s most important collections of rare coloured diamonds and gemstones and he has assembled a team of craftsmen and designers who work with him to showcase the natural beauty of these stones through a series of bespoke collections.
For the launch of his new venture Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels, Procop has opened a Creative Studio in Beverly Hills, a Gemstone Laboratory in Geneva – where each stone is verified and prepared for the atelier – and offices in New York and Hong Kong.
He charts the journey of each and every diamond and gemstone used in his collections and is involved at every stage of the creative process.