Spanish luxury jeweller Carrera y Carrera, Mediterraneo, collection at BASELWORLD, crystalline Mediterranean Sea, and bathes in the fine sandy beaches of Spain


BASELWORLD: Carrera y Carrera launches Mediterraneo collection

BASEL, Switzerland, March 26, 2011 – Spanish luxury jeweller Carrera y Carrera launched its Mediterraneo collection at BASELWORLD, a combination of gold and precious stones with all the magic and enchantment of stories linked to the sea.
These are the stories in which the sun takes refuge at dusk on the shores of the crystalline Mediterranean Sea, and bathes in the fine sandy beaches of Spain.
We are transported in time and space to a place where young deities and beautiful nymphs walk among us on the shores of a warm peaceful sea. They aid wandering sailors, hoping for the return of their heroes.
A collection full of hidden treasures and innovative designs mixed with exceptional gold craftsmanship and glimmering diamonds.
Mediterraneo has four lines:
The elegance of Actea is reflected in the rings with round shapes and unusual models.
Carrera y Carrera
Yellow Gold, White Gold and White Gold with diamonds Actea Rings
Voluptuous pendants are reminiscent of sweet Afrodita walking along the beach in search of beautiful shells.
Carrera y Carrera
Yellow Gold and Diamonds Afrodita Pendant and Ring
All the beauty of Calipso is represented by conches which turn into rings and earrings.
The goddess Atenea gives us starfish, transformed into yellow and white gold necklaces and earrings, coated in small diamonds.
Carrera y Carrera
Yellow and White Gold Atenea Ring
Carrera y Carrera’s Luis de Dios told Jewellery Outlook that a standout piece from the Mediterraneo collection is an Atenea necklace featuring 480 stones, 5.5 carats of diamonds and 75 grammes of gold, retailing for 38,000 euros.
Carrera y Carrera fine jewellery is sold in many retail jewellers worldwide. Prominent stockists include Neiman Marcus and Takashimaya.