Domino to showcase gemstone jewels at BASELWORLD


Domino to showcase gemstone jewels at BASELWORLD

February 2012 – Birmingham-based Domino Jewellery is offering a new range of classic gemstone jewels that will be on show at BASELWORLD. Andrew Sollitt, sales and marketing director, tells Jewellery Outlook about the choice of designs and distinctive features of this jewellery line.

Q. What is special about Domino’s classic gemstone jewellery range?
A. Following recent celebrity choices and the royal engagement ring, classically-styled coloured stone rings are currently more popular than ever and we believe that Domino has a particularly good selection.
These rings are special because – although they are based on traditional designs – our in-house design team has ensured that each has its own distinctive style and attractive detailing.
Domino to showcase gemstone jewels at BASELWORLD

Another great plus for retailers is the wide choice of designs it offers.  All the rings are available in 18ct gold or platinum and the range offers a variety of different stones’ shapes in a number of  sizes to provide a great deal of choice across a range of price points. Designs include cluster rings, half hoops, trilogy and half-eternity rings and the sheer breadth and versatility of the collection is in itself special.
Another great plus is that we have a great selection of slightly more unusual and affordable stones such as amethyst, aqua, fire opal, and garnet as well the more ubiquitous emerald, rubies and sapphires for our customers to choose from.  We believe that these should offer great margins for our customers.
Q. How important to Domino is the fact that this jewellery was crafted and designed in Britain?
A. The fact that all these jewels are crafted in Britain is extremely important to Domino.  Having all our production operations in one place allows us to monitor quality control every step of the way from the production of the mounts through to the choice of high-quality gemstones.  It also enables us to offer tremendous lead times – just 12 days for any stone combination – which is another great plus for our customers.
Domino to showcase gemstone jewels at BASELWORLD
Q. Will this range be on show at BASELWORLD 2012?
A. The entire collection will be on view at BASELWORLD and we feel it will prove an exciting proposition for our European and British customers alike.


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