Domino’s platinum bridal range offers retail opportunities


BIRMINGHAM, England, April 16, 2011 – Domino Weston Beamor, a leading UK jewellery manufacturer, feels that it is not enough to just offer its customers high quality platinum jewellery.  It has launched a new retailer solution, the ‘Platinum Profits Kit’ which provides marketing, merchandising and training support for platinum jewellery retailers, the first of its kind from a UK manufacturer.

Domino’s platinum bridal range
‘Exclusively Platinum’ – Domino’s latest wedding jewellery solution – was launched to invited customers at the company’s Birmingham facility on 13th April 2011, with the specific aim to assist jewellers to increase their platinum bridal sales, and profitability.
“We want to develop business partnerships with our customers,” said Andrew Sollitt, Sales and Marketing Director for Domino.
“Selling platinum is the end point.  Our clients need to be able to promote it on a variety of communications channels, display it to reflect the value, and explain why it is the best white metal for bridal to their customers.  We want to help secure the transaction.”

Domino’s platinum bridal range
Inspiring and commercially minded, the collection is available in a range of carat sizes and two qualities of diamond, (HSi or GVS) to span a range of price points, as well as being supplied unset to those retailers who wish to use their own stones, meaning an unset ring will start from £250.  Matching wedding bands and other jewellery is also included.
On purchase of five pieces from the collection, customers receive the specially produced Domino  ‘Platinum Profits Kit’.  Developed in collaboration with Platinum Guild International  it contains practical tools and information under the strap line “When Forever Means Forever”.  Included is an in-store platinum film, buyer’s guides, a merchandising display and metal comparison matrix.  As part of the kit, Domino will also be hosting PGI’s new ‘Platinum Principles’ training sessions at their facility.

Domino’s platinum bridal range Jewellery
Customers who attended the launch day viewed the full collection, heard the inspiration behind it; learned about the kit; saw a preview of the platinum training programme, and enjoyed a tour of the facility where they learned how cutting edge technology sits comfortably with traditional craftsmanship at Domino.
‘Exclusively Platinum’ is available now from Domino.