PureJewels launches collection inspired by secret gardens


PureJewels launches collection inspired by secret gardens

LONDON, November 12, 2011 – Luxury jewellery brand PureJewels launched Floralia, its first in-house collection, inspired by secret gardens, at the November 12-13 Asian Wedding Exhibition in London.
“The Floralia collection has been inspired by childhood stories – it’s about discovering forgotten lands in hidden places – almost like going into a secret garden,” Laura Strand, head designer of PureJewels, told Jewellery Outlook in an interview on the sidelines of the Asian Wedding Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in north London.
“When I was doing my research, I was looking at lost gardens and ‘The Secret Garden’ book. I wanted the collection to be very nostalgic and romantic – and to have almost a whimsical, fantastical feel.”
PureJewels Floralia Collection

The Floralia collection is inspired by a place filled with dappled light and fragrant night flowers.
“Before you close the gate and return to everyday life, slip a white gold pendant with dew drops of diamonds around your neck,” PureJewels’ Floralia brochure said.
“Suspend blue aquamarines from your ears; and wrap a wildflower bangle around your wrist.”
Laura highlighted the couture Floralia necklace which is made from 18-carat white gold and diamonds with a Marquise-cut aquamarine, as well as small, “bullet-cut” aquamarines.
“The bullets represent unfurling flower buds and are set into an unusual bud-like setting. This is complemented by jewels representing climbing ivy.”
Laura said the Floralia collection would appeal to successful women buying jewellery for themselves, as well as a gift that a parent would give to a bride.
Floralia is PureJewels’ first in-house collection, although the brand has already helped to promote talented designers of platinum via its celebrated Platinum Heritage Collection, now in its second year.
PureJewels Floralia Collection
Brand manager Jayant Raniga said the Floralia collection highlighted PureJewels’ commitment to design – and to the finest materials and techniques.
“For us, the Asian Wedding Exhibition is the perfect setting to launch this collection,” he added.
“We are emerging as one of the UK’s most innovative fine jewellers and we wanted to present at a show for the UK Asian Wedding market that was also innovative and progressive.”
He said, “The Asian Wedding Exhibition is a long established show presented against the grandeur of Alexandra Palace. This was a great event for us to invest in to showcase our most innovative designs for the forthcoming wedding season.
“The Asian Wedding Exhibition is the largest and busiest show for the Asian wedding industry and we felt that we should have a strong presence here.”
PureJewels Floralia Collection
The event attracts a mixture of people – engaged, single, married, Asian and non-Asian. From exciting fashion shows, skilled henna and beauty artists, creative photographers and designers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
“Although there is a focus on Asia, the event is open to anyone who likes South Asian style,” Raniga said.
PureJewels also presented six engagement and wedding ring collections at the Asian Wedding Exhibition – Passion, Honesty, Grace, Virtue, Honour, and Adoration.
“PureJewels’ core products are bridal rings,” Raniga said. “The Asian Wedding Exhibition gives us a first introduction to bridal customers.”
At the Asian Wedding Exhibition, PureJewels deployed its team of experts including gemologists and wedding jewellery consultants.



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