Les Mini Adorables – design your own jewels


Les Mini Adorables – design your own jewels

Les Mini Adorables, bespoke collection
LONDON, October 31, 2010 – Les Mini Adorables is an original, bespoke collection created by natural fancy coloured diamond specialist Yves Frey that allows you to design and build your individual diamond-encrusted jewels.
Hatton Garden, London-based jeweller Yves Frey, who has a passion for the most spectacular coloured stones, has launched this collection at a budget that suits all.
The collection is designed on a stacking ring theme with infinite combinations that creates elegant, playful and most importantly, individual pieces tailored to the buyer.
Each ring comprises a mini natural fancy coloured diamond set in a ring encrusted with tiny white diamonds.
These can be worn in a combination of as many as you like or one at a time as you build your own collection over birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

Les Mini Adorables, bespoke collection
Each fancy coloured diamond not only holds its unique essence of beauty, but it is also extremely rare. For each fancy coloured stone at least 10,000 colourless diamonds exist.


Sarah Ho, Platinum Heritage Collection 2011, PureJewels brand manager Jayant Raniga