Ida Callegaro, Jewellery Designer


Strong emotions distinguish Ida Callegaro’s designs

September 30, 2009 – Ida Callegaro’s jewellery designs are distinguished by their strong emotional impact and contemporary feel.
Ida Callegaro Jewellery Collection
These designs are inspired by a lively and energetic woman with a sense of humour, who can express the personality of the person who wears her pieces.
Ida’s love for contemporary art also comes through in her designs.
She keeps a close eye on trends in jewellery design, uses innovative lines and gives great attention to detail.
Ida’s research into the textures of precious metals underscores her exceptional understanding of the craft of jewellery making.
She uses soft and flowing lines for women, and clean and essential lines for men.
Ida Callegaro’s jewellery communicates her passion for life: she uses gold, diamonds and precious stones in strong expressive designs.
After finishing art school in 1986 at the Istituto Pietro Selvatico in Padova, in northern Italy, she started her professional career working for goldsmith companies around Vicenza, where she learnt various production techniques.
Ida Callegaro
The turning point in her career was in 1990 when she finally left the world of production to concentrate exclusively on jewellery design, collaborating with goldsmith companies and exhibiting her first collections.
From 1991 to 1997 Ida acquired a vast experience working for a well-known Vicenza-based goldsmith company, in charge of research, design and prototypes.
In 1998 she started working with other firms and created innovative designs for an international clientele.
From 2002 to the present, Ida has been running a design studio as a self-employed professional, collaborating in different sectors, and working on jewellery design and fashion accessories.
In 2007 she was selected for the SATURNO PROJECT, promoted by the European Union, to develop initiatives in jewellery design and services.
Ida has taken part in numerous exhibitions and competitions in the world of jewellery and some of her creations have been published in 18KT and GOLD MAGAZINE.