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Mukhi Sisters – jewels with attitude

Mukhi Sisters
BEIRUT, December 12, 2010 – Forget tradition. Mukhi Sisters’ jewels come with a whole lotta’ attitude.
Beirut is a leading jewellery hub. And now a trio of sisters based in the Lebanese capital are making a splash with their witty, playful, eye-catching, elegant and contemporary designs.
Mukhi Sisters jewellery pieces are being snatched up by young and old, jetsetters and royalty, and sometimes celebrities – such as when Paris Hilton wore a gold Mukhi Sisters headpiece.
So what distinguishes the Mukhi sisters?
“Our inspiration comes from a lot of different sources, as do our materials,” says Maya Mukhi, one of the trio of designers.
“We’ve used vintage ivory, pyrite and aged gold in our collections, in addition to standard gems like rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Even though they’re casual, our designs feature truly unique elements.”
Jewellery runs in the Mukhi family genes.
Their mother is Effat Kreidie, the woman behind the renowned Effy’s Jewelry.
Mukhi Sisters
Their father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewellers in the business since 1875.
Born into a world of dazzle and sparkle, little Maya, Meena and Zeenat Mukhi were on intimate terms with bling from an early age.

“As kids, while our friends were playing in parks, we were playing in diamond and jewellery exhibitions,” says Meena.
With such a rich heritage, the sisters started collaborating together to create the eponymous line.
A combination of creative spark and explosive originality defines the Mukhi Sisters’ aesthetic.

Bold yet casual, elegant yet capable of being irreverent, their pieces, such as the Braille bracelets for charity, make a statement.
Mukhi Sisters

Every season brings three collections by the Mukhi Sisters.
The first collection, Contagious, sees the Mukhi Sisters letting loose their creative energy.
Fresh, fierce and never repetitive, it showcases dynamic design skills, on charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.
Their second collection, Queen Vicky, is far more eclectic.

Mukhi Sisters
From vintage pieces and authentic antique jewels to attention-grabbing pieces by other designers, the collection is like a handpicked “What’s Hot” from around the world.
The final collection, Ever Yours, focuses on timeless pieces that use diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.
Always evolving, the Mukhi Sisters have been busy creating designs for women, men and even babies.
Mukhi Sisters
What’s the one ingredient they all have in common?
“I would have to say Personality,” says Zeenat.
“A lot of our own psyche goes into every piece. We design stuff that we would want to wear.”
Mukhi Sisters have participated in many prestigious jewellery fairs including Beirut Jewelry Week 2009 and 2010, Joaillerie Liban 2009 in BIEL, Beirut Haute Joaillerie at Phoenicia Intercontinental, Birdcage, a fashionista event in 2010, and Bisat el Reeh in Saudi Arabia.