MVee showcases luxury jewellery at BASELWORLD


MVee showcases luxury jewellery at BASELWORLD

BASEL, Switzerland, March 10, 2012 – Luxury brand MVee Haute Jewellery showcased its latest pieces from collections including Bijoux de la Mer, inspired by ocean pearls, Tudor’s Touch, its top-tier line, and Galerie, a treasure trove of dark beauty, at BASELWORLD.
Evoking the breathtaking beauty of the sea, Bijoux de la Mer features exquisitely crafted pieces, bringing to life luminous pearls, as well as diamonds and gemstones.
MVee showcases luxury jewellery at BASELWORLD

 MVee Tudor’s Touch collection
“Bijoux de la Mer comes from everything to do with pearls,” CEO David Shah told Jewellery Outlook in an interview.
“We take a pearl, which is a very traditional, classic product, and give it a fashion look.”
Tudor’s Touch draws inspiration from the jewellery worn by royalty of the Middle Ages, a time of intrigue, power and opulence, and features rare and richly colourful gemstones.
“We take the stone and build the ring around the stone,” Shah said.
“We give it a very high end cocktail look. We are doing very well with this collection – the pieces are the most expensive in our collections, because of the nature of the semi-precious stones and the size of the pieces.”
Galerie presents diamonds in black, brown and white, striking a chord with contemporary sophisticated style.
MVee showcases luxury jewellery at BASELWORLD

MVee Bijoux de la Mer collection
“The theme of Galerie is everything about dark beauty. This includes black gold. It includes black and brown diamonds,” Shah said.
MVee is distinctive from other luxury brands because it features plentiful new designs.
“MVee is always coming out with new designs. Where creativity comes, MVee has no boundaries,” Shah said.
“The underlying theme is luxury, creativity and speciality.”
MVee’s marketing is expected to focus on high-growth emerging markets in 2012.
MVee is a brand belonging to Aspire Designs Limited.
MVee showcases luxury jewellery at BASELWORLD
MVee Galerie collection
At lower price points, Vida is a brand in the Aspire group that offers smaller pieces, mainly for the younger generation (18-35 years old), Shah said.
“It is a high-fashion, trendy product — very chic,” Shah said.
Vida’s designs include animals and garden themes, notably flowers.
Vida features pearl jewellery, colour diamonds, and semi-precious stones.


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