Maybell, Shaun Leane, jewellery collection


Shaun Leane collection inspired by Maybell

LONDON, March 20, 2011 – Captivated by the delicate beauty of the Maybell, Shaun Leane has created a new fine jewellery collection that celebrates the purity and elegance of this woodland flower.
Executed in white gold, graceful racemes gently bow with diamond set flowers.
These highly detailed bells are balanced by the simplicity of line and fluid curves that have become the house’s signature.
Shaun Leane
18CT White gold and white diamond large Maybell earrings £12,550 (2.65 Carat diamonds)
Framing the face with gentle arcs of gold, glamorous earrings shimmer with bell shaped blossoms while a single bow falls softly over a chain to form a necklace of trembling diamond buds.
Stems of Maybells trace the finger, while a dramatic cuff of fine gold branches shivers with their load of diamond flowers.
Shaun showcased the new Maybell Collection at a preview on March 16 attended by leading retailers and media.
The Maybell collection will be available exclusively at Harrods in London from March 22.
At the press preview, Shaun also presented his new Bound Collection, influenced by African body jewels.
“Africa’s potent and talismanic body adornments have inspired Shaun Leane to create a new silver collection whose two parts both draw from this rich and compelling continent,” the house said.
Signature shapes bound with silver wire echo the coiled Dzilla necklaces of the Nedebele while retaining a clean, elegant strength.
These powerful forms capture Green Onyx, Champagne and Smokey Quartz within their bindings to produce striking necklaces, earrings and rings that have a slick modernity.
The sun, moon and stars – universally symbolic and all embracing – are mixed with bound geometric shapes in jewellery for both men and women.
Dark raw leather and beads of cornelian, bone, black and green onyx wrap the wrist studded with sculpted silver.
Silver and gold chains hold interchangeable charms while faceted rings are set with bespoke carved stones to add colour and depth.