Hatton Garden, finished-jewellery supplier, Stubbs, wedding rings, ConfigureRing


Stubbs&Co. to remodel wedding band sales

LONDON, February 14, 2010 – The Hatton Garden based, high-quality, finished-jewellery supplier Stubbs&Co. has introduced a new software concept which could radically change the way retailers sell wedding rings.
Hatton Garden, finished-jewellery supplier, Stubbs, wedding rings, ConfigureRing

Entitled ‘ConfigureRing’ the package, which has been in development for the past twelve months, gives retailers the opportunity to supplement a relatively modest stock of around 50 of Stubbs&Co. best-selling wedding bands with more than 20,000, easy-to-implement personalisation options which can be presented to customers — in their virtual form — in-store on a desktop, laptop or an IPad-style tablet.
The software, which is extremely easy-to-use, is personalised to reflect and reinforce each retailer’s own individual branding and provides an invaluable addition to their sales armoury.
“ConfigureRing has been created to enhance the consumer’s buying experience,” says Stubbs&Co MD, David Shem-Tov.
“Customers can see and touch a real ring, whilst watching on screen what it would look like in a different coloured alloy, a couple of millimetres thicker or thinner, or with the addition of diamonds, engraving or a satin-brushed finish.
“The idea is for Stubbs&Co. retailers to be able to offer their customers a far greater choice of rings than they would ever be able to hold in-store.  The package also gives their customers a variety of personalisation options all of which are guaranteed to work both technically and aesthetically.”


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