Swarovski Elis crystal watches, India, Diwali, BASELWORLD 2011


Swarovski Elis watches a best-seller in India

Swarovski watches
BASEL, Switzerland, March 26, 2011 – Swarovski Elis crystal watches are best sellers in India and the company will introduce some new, colourful timepieces to the Indian market in time for Diwali in 2011.
“The Elis is one of the best selling watches in the Indian market and one of the best selling Swarovski watches in the world,” Shirish Sanghi of Swarovski India told Jewellery Outlook at Swarovski’s stand at BASELWORLD 2011.
“The appetite for bling is growing in India. The Elis is different from the traditional bracelet watch. It gives more of a fashion feel.”
A new purple version of the Elis watch, and the Elis Bangle, will be introduced to the world market later this year and is set to reach India in time for Diwali in October, Sanghi said.
The Elis crystal watch, with a leather strap, retails for 33,000 rupees in India.
“It is ideal for evening wear,” Sanghi said.
Swarovski watches
The gold plated Elis crystal watch retails in India for a little more, reflecting the precious content, at 36,000 rupees.
The Elis, introduced in 2009, is perfect for the Indian woman who wants to wear something different depending on the occasion, Sanghi said.
The Elis Bangle is a much more “show-off” piece.
“This is Super Bling,” Sanghi said.
A limited edition Elis Bangle, comprising just 999 pieces worldwide, will become available in time for Diwali.
Another popular range of Swarovski watches is the Octea Sport.
New colour versions of the Octea Sport are being introduced internationally this year, including a khaki version (3,333 pieces worldwide), which retails in India for 45,000 rupees; a rose gold plated version (42,000 rupees); and a Chrono version (45,000 rupees.)