Jewellery News-TOUS presents new diamond collection


July 26, 2009 – The Spanish jewellery brand, TOUS, presents a new and exciting signature collection featuring flat diamonds.
Innovating conventional diamond cuts, this collection focuses on the raw beauty of diamonds.
Thin slices of hand cut diamonds are laboriously created to produce one-of-a-kind pieces, revolutionising routine diamond cuts.
Following a traditional and labour intensive technique, each diamond slice is masterly framed into white gold and diamond pavé.
TOUS owner, Rosa Oriol, was captivated when she first discovered this technique during a trip to Bangkok.
Inspired by the rawness of the jewels and the exquisite craftsmanship, she decided to create the ‘Flat Diamond’ fine jewellery collection.
“I love experimenting with diamonds because they can be cut in so many different styles which makes them so exceptional.
“This particular technique reminds me of crystalised salt flowers. Being Mediterranean, we believe salt to be the essence of everything. So to me this collection represents the essence of life,” says Oriol.
The collection is available in different colour diamonds from cold steel grey to warm ochre in a delicate range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.