Ute Decker, ethical jewellery, 18 carat Fairtrade and Fairmined gold


Ute Decker launches Fairtrade gold collection

Ute Decker
LONDON, March 14, 2011 – Ute Decker, a leading proponent of ethical jewellery, is among the world’s first jewellers to have launched a collection in 18 carat Fairtrade and Fairmined gold.
Her Fairtrade gold collection PURE reflects in its minimalist, clean and pure lines the purity of the gold’s provenance.
The Fairtrade Ecological gold in which Ute Decker handcrafts her PURE collection is alluvial gold mined by artisanal miners without the use of chemicals.
A premium on the cost of gold from this collection will directly benefit the small artisanal mining community of Oro Verde in Colombia.
Pieces from Ute Decker’s PURE collection are available by commission in an individually handcrafted limited edition series and will feature the Fairtrade and Fairmined “jewel stamp” next to the traditional hallmarking.
The gold in the PURE collection comes from the Corporación Oro Verde, a collective of community, sustainability and environmental groups from the Choco region of Colombia.
Oro Verde has pioneered an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible form of artisanal mining that seeks to preserve the unique and vital virgin rainforest ecosystems while providing a fair, regular source of income to miners, their families and their communities.