De Beers Group Industry Services partners with RDI Diamonds Inc in the US


De Beers Group Industry Services partners with RDI Diamonds Inc in the US

New collaboration makes De Beers Group Industry Services the premier diamond grading partner for New York-based wholesale business

January 2020 – De Beers Group Industry Services has announced a new collaboration with leading US wholesaler, RDI Diamonds Inc., to become its premier source of diamond grading reports.

The partnership marks De Beers Group Industry Services’ first step into diamond grading activity in the US. As part of the collaboration, De Beers Group Industry Services will be the exclusive grader of Rare and Forever™ diamonds from RDI and assist in various educational activities and sales training.

Jonathan Kendall, President of De Beers Group Industry Services, said: “De Beers Group Industry Services prides itself on its high standards, consistency and proprietary technology. We are so pleased to see companies like RDI Diamonds taking measures to ensure their customers can be confident the diamonds they are buying are accurately represented on their grading reports.

“This move will give RDI Diamonds something truly compelling to offer to their clients, from a company that is recognized as a leader in the diamond industry. They can substantiate, clearly define, and explain the differences between grades, guaranteeing the customer the highest standards of diamond grading supported by innovative and proprietary technology from De Beers Group Industry Services.”

Michael Indelicato, CEO of RDI Diamonds, said: “We were humbled to be approached by De Beers Group Industry Services for such an important opportunity: introducing the United States to this grading report. We have been blown away by the integration of unparalleled technology to ensure consistent and accurate grading. These grading reports are going to be a game-changer here in the States, and we are excited to be a premier partner.”

RDI Diamonds and De Beers Group Industry Services share a passion for advancing the diamond industry through cutting-edge technology and education, and the new partnership highlights the commitment from RDI Diamonds to providing its clients with accurately and consistently graded natural diamonds under its Rare and Forever™ brand.