De Beers Group Launches Diamond Education Course Partnership with IIG in India


De Beers Group Launches Diamond Education Course Partnership with IIG in India


New partnership to meet growing needs of industry stakeholders in one of the world’s leading diamond countries

De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the International Institute of Gemology in India (IIG) to deliver diamond education courses throughout India. The IIG has been operating for more than 50 years and is recognised as a leader in gemology and in diamond and jewellery education in India.

Jonathan Kendall, President of De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds said: “We are committed to supporting the industry with a range of key services. We believe the Education and Development of people is key to the industry’s long-term success. The internet allows consumers a deeper understanding of diamonds and jewellery than ever before so it’s vitally important those employed in the industry can talk with knowledge, authority and confidence.”

The partnership will initially launch with a focus on the De Beers Group online Diamond Foundation Course (DFC), which teaches students about the entire diamond pipeline from diamond formation to jewellery sales.

It also includes an introduction to synthetic diamonds where students will learn how to explain to consumers the differences between natural diamonds and laboratory grown diamonds.

The online DFC is targeted towards retail staff, or those wishing to extend their knowledge beyond their current expertise within the diamond value chain. The IIG will be encouraging students to participate with special promotional discounts available to the current student cohort. Future collaborative activities regarding laboratory classes will be announced over the coming weeks.

Jodine Perrin, Director of Education, De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds said: “As the major player in the global diamond cutting and polishing industry India is an area of increased focus for us. We recognise the need for new partnerships that bring education directly to students across large geographical areas, making education accessible and reducing the time and costs involved to businesses in staff training.”

Rahul Desai from the IIG says of the partnership: “Over more than 50 years the IIG has established itself as a leader in the promotion and delivery of education of the highest standards. The collaboration between us and De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds will not only benefit students but will also empower entrepreneurs to enhance their skills in this unique industry.”

Jodine Perrin elaborated by saying: “Our goal is to make diamond education as engaging and accessible as it can possibly be. Our courses are designed by experts from across the whole of De Beers Group, so students can be confident that they are learning from some of the world’s leading professionals.”

“All of our courses are aimed at increasing consumer confidence across the diamond industry and supporting sales for the partners who work with us. We are delighted to build the partnership with IIG and use it as an opportunity to develop this relationship as we expand the courses we are able to offer in India.”

De Beers Group has been offering industry-leading diamond education services since 2017 and is focused on enhancing confidence in the selling and purchasing of diamonds for industry stakeholders.