Deakin and Francis celebrate 230th anniversary at IJL


Deakin & Francis celebrate 230th anniversary at IJL

LONDON, August 9, 2016 – Deakin & Francis are celebrating their 230th anniversary this year at IJL by showcasing their 230 Capsule collection, and by giving customers the chance to view their new cufflinks and accessories.
Deakin and Francis celebrate 230th anniversary at IJL As England’s oldest family jeweller, the company produces the world’s finest cufflinks and has maintained the high standards of craftsmanship and quality that are its tradition.

Their new 230 capsule collection has been designed to bring together the traditional values and craftsmanship that are so important to the brand, and also offers a range that is unique and innovative.

Inspiration comes from the old Deakin & Francis folklore tale of a distant 16th century ‘Dakyn’, a naval officer, who was rewarded with the granting of the Deakin family crest for his heroic antics at sea.
Deakin and Francis celebrate 230th anniversary at IJL Second in command on a warship, captained by a prominent British aristocrat closely related to the royal family, the ship came under attack by pirates. In a ferocious attack, Deakin braved the attack and saved the day.

The sterling silver cufflinks within the 230 capsule collection have all been designed to replicate old coins.

With a gold plated finish, they feature six unique, intricate designs that have a personal link to Deakin & Francis. As with a coin, the wearer will even see that the back of the cufflink features the special, 230 commemorative dates.

“We wanted our capsule collection to really tell the story of who Deakin & Francis are – tying in our history, whilst offering pieces that you would, of course, be proud to wear,” says James Deakin, Creative Director.

“With six key designs, the cufflinks have been designed to replicate old coins – like the treasure the pirates were hunting for back in the 16th century. At the same time, we want our customers to treasure these forever – a fond reminder of our impressive past, but with the normal Deakin & Francis design twist to make these innovative, unique and special. All the things a capsule collection should be.”

With a special story behind each design, the coins include a family crest, a skull and cross bones, the D&F building, Britannia, the Birmingham Anchor and a symbol of craftsmanship – all personal links to the brand.

This year’s IJL will see the brand move to an impressive new location, situated next to the entrance – Stand C01. Come along and view all of their new, stunning collections.