Deakin & Francis partners with Single Mine Origin for sustainably sourced gold

Deakin & Francis has announced a new partnership with Single Mine Origin (SMO) to provide responsibly sourced gold to consumers.
The family-owned jewellery company will use SMO certified gold to craft all of the signet rings it manufactures.
signet rings
Deakin & Francis will use SMO certified gold to craft all of the signet rings it manufactures

It has also unveiled plans to expand the use of sustainably sourced gold across a range of other fine jewellery products and accessories.

SMO gold was launched in 2018 by gold exploration, development and production company, Hummingbird Resources and precious metals experts, Betts Group.

Mined in accordance with the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles, SMO certification provides an auditable chain of custody for the entire supply chain, with full segregation from mine to finished product.

Batch codes and QR codes offer consumers a direct link to the source of the metal used in each product, as well as giving an insight into the impact each purchase has helped to create through community and environmental projects.

SMO gold is currently sourced from Hummingbird Resources’ Yanfolila gold mine in Mali. Endeavour Mining has recently signed a membership agreement to use its Ity mine in Ivory Coast for the production of SMO gold.

Henry Deakin, managing director of Deakin & Francis, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with SMO as a forward-thinking, sustainable alternative to sourcing precious metals. We have a duty to our planet to provide the best option for mining raw materials in a sustainable, more environmentally conscious manner, whilst accommodating the luxury needs of our customers. We believe that this partnership is the right way forward for our family jewellery brand.”

Charlie Betts, managing director Betts Group, said: “We are delighted that Deakin & Francis have adopted SMO gold in order to provide real confidence to their customers that their gold can be traced directly to a responsibly operated source. Like the Betts Group, Deakin & Francis has a long and rich heritage within the jewellery trade and it comes as no surprise that a family business of this calibre is among the early adopters of SMO, helping to pioneer the development of transparent, responsible sourcing within the trade.”