Design and Detail at the heart of Domino’s enhanced Sienna Collection


Design and Detail at the heart of Domino’s enhanced Sienna Collection

BIRMINGHAM, England, June 2016 – Domino announces the upcoming launch of its new Sienna collection, a range of stunning semi-set diamond rings ready to receive a central stone of the retailer’s own choice.
Design and Detail at the heart of Domino’s enhanced Sienna Collection

From extravagant, design-led clusters, to more classic solitaire designs, Domino’s new collection, which will be available from 15th July, 2016, provides a wide breadth of choice.
“Sienna is perhaps best known for ‘ticking all the boxes’ when it comes to stylish and classic diamond ring designs and the latest collection is no exception,” says sales and marketing director Andrew Sollitt.
“However, the newest pieces also provide some slightly more edgy concepts such as cushion and cabochon cuts and some eye-catching pieces which will look fantastic set with coloured stones.”
The collection features a range of inspirational pieces across clusters; round, princess and shaped solitaires; creative lifestyle rings; wedding rings and some newly introduced ‘enhancers’.
All rings are available in platinum and 18ct white, yellow and rose gold, and diamond content ranges from a delicate 0.15ct up to a generous 2.50ct centre stone.
Enhancers, which were first seen in America, are rings designed, as the name suggests, to sit alongside a customer’s pre-existing ring and to give it some oomph and sparkle.
Domino’s enhancers come in various guises and include a ‘tiara’ inspired design, as well as a halo shape designed to sit over the top of a solitaire ring to create a cluster effect.
“This is a great way for a customer to upgrade their engagement ring and give it a completely new look whilst, for sentimental reasons, still retaining the original,” Sollitt said.
Pieces can be supplied as a semi-set mount ready to receive your central stones or as a fully finished ring.
Domino provides an in-house setting service for retailers who wish to either send them their own stones or alternatively their expert Jewellery Bureau team can source the required stones.
Sollitt is also keen to point out the back stories which underpin the pieces.
“All these designs are unique to Domino and all have their own particular provenance – a place, a style of architecture, a bird, a flower – which provided the designers with their initial inspiration and is incorporated into the ring,” he said.
These design influences – the echo of a peacock’s tail, the hint of a Russian cupola or the stark, clean lines of Art Deco — are represented fully in the 52 page brochure which is designed to support the collection at the point of sale.

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