Designer Anil Bharwani finds inspiration all around him



Designer Anil Bharwani finds inspiration all around him


Designer Anil Bharwani finds inspiration all around himAnil Bharwani talked about his design inspirations in a webinar conversation, entitled “The Art of Storytelling”, with jewellery industry consultant Helen Dimmick.


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What led you to become a jewellery designer?


It just happened. Being a refugee from Pakistan (I arrived in India in the 1990s) I had options to explore. It was suggested to me that I pursue gemmology. Which I did. It was a tough battle and it was challenging. The only way I realised I could be different was through design. And here I am. I am a free spirit. Before the lockdown, I loved to travel and meet new people. I am always on a quest of discovery. Everything from a flower petal in its many hues to the geometric lines of a bridge inspire me. The sunset or the abstract patterns formed by the clouds. The patterns of a peacock feather and the melodic motions of a dancer. I see design in just about anything. Design is not just my passion. It is what comes to me naturally. Jewellery, I felt, was a way to preserve all my inspirations and timeless moments as unique art pieces.

Designer Anil Bharwani finds inspiration all around him

What is your jewellery style?


My style is fluid. It is not bound by rules. It’s not defined by society. It’s not set in stone. My style evolves. It changes based on my mood, on moments that have meant something to me, and on memories that I wish to preserve. Though it has an Indian context and essence to it.

Designer Anil Bharwani finds inspiration all around him

What is your inspiration?


Everything inspires me. Before the lockdown, I travelled quite a bit. You would find me in flea markets and in museums or in bookstores and in the Himalayas. My inspiration could range from the shades of sunrise to the twinkling eyes of a child. From the smell of freshly baked bread to the aromas of the rain. People inspire me. I have met the most fascinating individuals from small unheard-of villages. And there are kind souls even in the busiest metropolitan areas. My kids inspire me. The older one is a musician and her world fascinates me. The younger one is a basketball player and her knowledge of this sport is exhaustive.


What pieces are you working on now under lockdown?


This crisis has been eye-opening. Everyone including me will need to unlearn and re-learn everything we know. I am going to start my process again from scratch. I am embracing creative thinking. I am pausing to re-look at the road ahead. I am allowing ideas to be fluid and welcoming this new beginning. When things restart to the “new normal,” I will return as if I am new to the industry where design was my core asset.

Only this time I have experience too!