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Kim Poor collection showcases Brazilian gems

Kim Poor

LONDON, May 7, 2011 – Brazilian artist and jewellery designer Kim Poor is launching her new collection which has been created around stones from fellow Brazilian designer Haroldo Burle Marx.
The Burle Marx collection celebrates the beauty of these stones in a series of jewellery masterpieces which have been conceived as miniature sculptures and works of art.
Haroldo Burle Marx was a well-respected gemologist, celebrated for the unique cut of his stones.
This collection is known to be the very last of his gems, discovered years after his death in a box under his bed by his grand-daughter and passed to Kim Poor to honour Burle Marx’s memory.
The collection yields a rainbow of colours, from the iridescent blue of aquamarine, to the rich purple of amethysts or the deep yellow of citrine.
Through the vehicle of her designs, Kim Poor is able to showcase these rare and exceptional gemstones – many of which are indigenous to her native Brazil – enhancing Burle Marx’s creative legacy and uniting the two Brazilians in an inter-generational collaboration.
Kim Poor’s collection is inspired by the beauty of the movement of water as it collides with precious stones, and reunites more than 40 Brazilian gems.
All pieces are sculpted in gold or silver, with aquamarines, rose quartz, amethysts, and imperial citrines; creating strikingly unique pieces across the full jewellery spectrum, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Pieces include the ‘Bite’ necklace, a dramatic mega Burle Marx aquamarine, encircled with 18ct gold crocodiles and smoked tourmalines and strung on faceted aquamarines.
This contrasts with the softer ‘Ice Cream’ ring; and the ‘Corcovado’ pendant – a Burle Marx ripple-carved aquamarine and amethyst combined with a miniature vista of Rio painted on a butterfly’s wing and set in 18ct gold.
This exceptional collection of rare gemstones has been brought to life thanks to the creative artistry of jewellery designer and artist Kim Poor.
The Brazilian divides her time between Rio and London, where she creates her unique hand-crafted designs. Poor is a perfectionist and it is this attention to detail that makes her work so coveted around the world.
For the last six years she has had her own boutique on Elizabeth Street, the stylish heart of Belgravia, where her pieces can be seen firsthand.
Each piece of jewellery created for the collection draws on Kim’s Brazilian roots and spirituality so that her jewels, in effect, become miniature works of art.
Each piece is distinct and one of a kind – working not just with the beauty of a stone but also incorporating its unique flaws and inclusions.
As part of the design process, Poor meticulously researches and sources each stone, which is selected for its colour, texture, energy and healing properties.
It is this complex combination of criteria that make her pieces unlike any other.
Commenting on the launch of the Burle Marx collection, Kim Poor said, “I have long had a love affair with Haroldo Burle Marx’s stones, and it gives me such pleasure to see these incredible, rare gems transformed into unique jewellery.
“It is a privilege to work with such exceptional raw materials – I’m always searching for the light in these stones – they seem to have whole worlds in there”.
Kim Poor Jewellery: 53 Elizabeth Street, London


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