DESIGNER PROFILE – Vanessa Pederzani boosts profile after IJL


DESIGNER PROFILE – Vanessa Pederzani boosts profile after IJL

By David Brough

LONDON?, October 2019 – Italian designer Vanessa Pederzani has raised her profile since International Jewellery London ( IJL), where she showed off her latest creations as a Kickstarter, by introducing new jewels from her Dark Kingdom and White Queen collections.

Vanessa, who comes from a family of jewellers, trained in jewellery making in Milan and has been selling pieces from her collections to private clients around the world since her move to London several years ago.

The new jewels from her Dark Kingdom collection, inspired by bats, are timely in the run-up to Halloween.

“The bat symbolises health and luck in Asian culture,” she says, wearing a bat-inspired ring from her own collection.

“Bats are a symbol to remind people they have something positive.”

Vanessa’s White Queen collection is inspired by snowflakes and includes precious earrings shaped like antlers, which are seen as positive symbols of power and luck, she says.

She strongly believes in the empowerment of women and likes to express the unique nature and beauty of women in her jewellery.

She plans a trunk show in central London next month, aimed at expanding her private clientele, and hopes one day to be stocked by department stores.

Vanessa enjoys working on new collections and expanding existing ones, like her “Beautiful Warrior” rings inspired by armour.

Her pieces are made in Italy and Greece.

Vanessa is looking to increase bespoke commissions for her work and recently returned from the Hong Kong September show where she sourced gemstones in readiness for fresh custom orders.

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DESIGNER PROFILE – Vanessa Pederzani boosts profile after IJL