Diamond Jewelry United is online retailer of superb value clarity-enhanced diamond jewels


Diamond Jewelry United is online retailer of superb value clarity-enhanced diamond jewels

LONDON, December 2016 – Diamond Jewelry United is an online retailer offering clarity-enhanced diamond rings, pendants and earrings at extremely competitive prices that are much cheaper than diamond jewels bought on the High Street.
Diamond Jewelry “We appeal to people who want a very nice diamond ring but can’t afford the prices in a High Street shop,” says marketing executive William Glass.

Consumers buy pre-set diamond rings, which are the bulk of available stock, from Diamond Jewelry United’s website www.diamondjewelryunited.com and from ebay.

During the online transaction, the consumer chooses a size. Bands are typically made from 14-ct white gold.

The brand engages a jeweller who sets the piece to the requested size, before posting the finished item to the buyer.

If the consumer does not like the order for any reason, he or she can send it back for a full refund within 45 days.
Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry United cuts costs by sourcing rough stones at origin in high volumes, and taking direct control over manufacturing, polishing and enhancement of the diamonds’ clarity in Israel.

After the company has acquired the gems, they undergo a process to enhance their clarity, improving the passage of light through the diamonds, and making imperfections in the stones less visible to the naked eye.

Diamond enhancements are specific treatments, performed on natural diamonds (usually those already cut and polished into gems), which are designed to improve the visual gemological characteristics of the diamond in one or more ways.

These include clarity treatments such as laser drilling to remove black carbon inclusions, fracture filling to make small internal cracks less visible, colour irradiation and annealing treatments to make yellow and brown diamonds a vibrant fancy colour such as vivid yellow, blue, or pink.
Diamond Jewelry

CIBJO (the World Jewellery Confederation) and government agencies such as the United States Federal Trade Commission explicitly require the disclosure of all diamond treatments at the time of sale.

Diamond jewellery offered by Diamond Jewelry United is certified by the Gemmological Institute of Europe (GIE).

The prices of diamond jewellery at Diamond Jewelry United are so low that even retailers buy stock from them online.