DIAMOND NEWS – SAP supports Dimexon on its journey to achieve sustainable luxury


SAP, a leader in enterprise application software and cloud solutions, has announced it is supporting Dimexon, a leading diamond manufacturer, in its journey to make sustainable luxury accessible to customers globally.

Using SAP’s state-of-the-art cloud solutions, the company will further its ambitious growth plans, nurture better business outcomes, and deliver bespoke experiences to the customers.

DIAMOND NEWS – SAP supports Dimexon on its journey to achieve sustainable luxury
Rajiv P. Mehta, Director, Dimexon Diamonds Limited, said, “At Dimexon, we’re focused on providing our customers with guaranteed natural diamonds, that are fully traceable and ethically crafted. We’re excited to use RISE With SAP’s cloud portfolio across critical functions such as manufacturing and supply chains, to increase operational efficiencies as we transform a rough stone into the finest, polished diamond. This aligns with our ambitious roadmap to make sustainable luxury accessible to our growing network of customers worldwide.”

Implemented by PwC India, the initiative will enable Dimexon to migrate its digital landscape on to the SAP cloud and build an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. As an integral part of its “transparency through digital” strategy to redefine the customer experience, using SAP’s integrated cloud offerings will assist Dimexon in automating and streamlining operations, including understanding customer preferences, sourcing raw materials, tracking inventories, and delivering to stakeholder expectations.

Santanu Saha, Partner, PwC India, said, “With a legacy of over 50 years in the diamond industry, Dimexon was looking for a single, robust, integrated technology platform that would deliver automation, process, simplification, enhanced consumer user experience and real-time insight into the entire value chain. Our deep industry understanding and proven domain expertise with SAP’s cutting-edge technology will swiftly unlock new opportunities to create sustained outcomes for Dimexon.”

Founded in 1966, Dimexon, a leading player in the mid-stream diamond industry, is regarded as a trusted supplier of the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds. Over the past 55 years, the company has focused on procuring rough diamonds directly from primary sources, consistently producing high-quality polished diamonds and distributing them to targeted jewellery and watch brands, retailers, and manufacturers globally.

“Moving to the cloud and adopting innovative digital solutions are key to building successful, future-ready businesses. We’re incredibly proud of our long-standing relationship with a company that has pioneered responsible luxury in the Indian jewellery industry,” said Rajeev Singh, Vice President & Head of Midmarket, SAP Indian Subcontinent. As Dimexon prepares for business transformation on the cloud, SAP looks forward to supporting them on their next phase of growth and into the future.”