DIAMOND NEWS – UNI Diamonds joins Tracr


Tracr has announced that diamond marketplace UNI Diamonds is now a participant on the platform, meaning that diamonds registered on Tracr can now be listed for purchase on UNI Diamonds.

In the latest addition to the Tracr platform, the world’s only distributed diamond provenance platform that starts at the source, UNI Diamonds’ participation will back their mission to support jewellery professionals through the use of innovative solutions, the latest apps, real-time market data, and expert services.

As De Beers Group registers more diamonds on Tracr – with more than half of the Group’s supply by value being registered on the platform at each Sight – the cooperation between Tracr and major diamond marketplaces, like UNI Diamonds, will play a key role in underpinning the diamond industry’s ability to provide provenance assurance at scale for the buyers of natural diamonds.

DIAMOND NEWS – UNI Diamonds joins Tracr

“We are delighted to welcome an innovative and transparency-focused company like UNI Diamonds onto the Tracr Platform. UNI plays a key role in connecting the diamond industry and, by partnering with Tracr, they will be able to accelerate the adoption of provenance to support the ever-growing retail demand for the story of the unique journey a natural diamond has taken along the diamond value chain.”
Wes Tucker, Tracr CEO

“The UNI team and our customers are very excited to be the first online platform to be a part of this journey with TRACR.  As an avid believer with a passion for telling the natural diamond story to consumers we believe TRACR can get us and our customers closer to being able to talk about the natural beauty of diamonds, their origin and unique value each natural diamond brings to the communities and countries they flow through before getting to the retailer to sell to the end consumer.  Uni’s ethos is to utilise data to enhance transparency in the diamond industry.  Tracr is a critical part of this transparency and a strong way for our customers to tell the diamond journey story to the end consumer and allow the consumer to own the story forever.”
Mahiar Borhanjoo, UNI CEO